KFC's Meltz is back to no one's surprise, but here's what's different

KFC's Meltz is back to no one's surprise, but here's what's different
KFC is set to release a brand new rendition of Meltz on Sept 7.
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Surprise, not.

By now, many who've seen KFC Singapore's "accidental" social media post on Thursday (Sept 1) can make a well-informed guess as to what their upcoming release might be.

The fried chicken chain had teased the launch of its Cheezy Zinger Meltz with the post, which stayed on its platform for only two hours. But the news spread like wildfire even after the post was taken down. 

Since then, KFC fans have been eagerly waiting for the official release of this old-school classic.

Well, wait no more. 

The Cheesy Zinger Meltz will be available from Sept 7 at all KFC outlets (excluding Singapore Zoo and Singapore Polytechnic) and KFC Delivery for a limited period.

It goes for $6.60 a la carte and various meal options start at $8.20.

Old-school fav, brand new zing


Hands up if you've ever had a Cheesy Meltz. Back then, it was known as the original Cheesy BBQ Meltz.

Apologies if this makes you feel old but that original Meltz was actually taken off the menu a whole decade ago.

Since then, we've seen the Meltz return for a limited time in 2014 and 2020.

If you miss biting into that crispy toasted tortilla filled with cheesy goodness, chances are you're not alone. And thankfully, that craving of yours can now be satisfied.

Improving on past renditions of the Meltz must've been hard but it seems like KFC might have just done it.

Everyone loves a Zinger burger, right? So why not have the spicy and crunchy Zinger patty be the main ingredient?

Familiar flavours

We're betting that the introduction of the Cheesy Zinger Meltz later this week is bound to be a hit among KFC fans after giving the new food item a try.

The Zinger patty is accompanied by freshly sliced tomatoes, crunchy nachos, shredded mozzarella and cheddar. Everything is slathered in a load of savoury KFCheese sauce.

This all sits between a golden crispy tortilla that's been toasted for 20 seconds.

Preparing the Meltz is swift and straightforward, but munching on it is where it starts to get messy.

I failed to read the instruction (you're supposed to tear the packaging down the middle) and found myself having to wipe cheese off my fingers with every bite. But I suppose that's fully on me.

Be warned, the Cheesy Zinger Meltz truly lives up to its name, so do bring along an ample amount of tissue to wipe off any excess cheese.

Back to the actual taste of the Meltz.

Having that first bite had me (mind the pun) feeling rather cheesy as I reminisced my secondary school days for a quick second.

The Cheesy Meltz was almost a staple post-school meal back then. Surely, it can't be just me?

Having the crunchy nachos and Zinger chunks definitely added some texture and bite to the whole experience, which was nice.

The slight spice from the Zinger chunks also got a thumbs-up from me.

Too much, maybe?

However, the enjoyment level soon plateaued.

It was becoming clear that I was struggling to gobble down my Cheesy Zinger Meltz.

To be fair, it is a hefty amount of food and I wasn't exactly starving but the sheer amount of cheese was a bit of a turn-off after a while.

While it wasn't an issue at the start of the meal when the Cheesy Zinger Meltz was piping hot, the last few bites were a struggle.

I did end up finishing my meal but maybe next time I'll share the Cheesy Zinger Meltz with a friend instead.

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