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Kim Lim gets personal about her biggest regret, favourite bag and more

Kim Lim gets personal about her biggest regret, favourite bag and more
PHOTO: Instagram/kimlimhl

With every passing year, it’s safe to say that we all want to be wiser, stronger, smarter, and more independent.

But when this resolution comes from one of our favourite influencers and entrepreneurs, Kim Lim, on her 30th birthday (July 23), we want to know just what she means, and what’s been going on in her life.

On July 23, Kim posted a pic on Instagram, of her at a birthday celebration for her and her four-year-old son Kyden.

Looking at her recent Instagram posts, we guess she has been through quite a bit, at work – she’s busy growing her beauty businesses, medispa Illumia Therapeutics and haircare centre Papilla Haircare – and in her personal life.

As part of her 30th birthday celebration, Kim’s holding company Kelhealth Group donated money to Mongolia, to contribute towards building homes for the needy.

In light of Covid-19, Kim and Kelhealth have also been steadily donating food and other necessities to frontliners and healthcare workers.

”I just want to do what I can to cheer the healthcare workers – from the frontliners to the cleaners and security guards – on. I want them to know that everyone is behind them in this fight and that they are appreciated and loved,” Kim said in an interview with The Business Times last year.

We caught up with the heiress earlier this month, for an interview and photoshoot for the August 2021 issue of Her World. Here are some intimate details of Kim’s life you might like to know, ranging from her morning routine to her most prized handbag, and biggest regret in life.

How Kim Lim starts her mornings

“Check my phone, eat my Ssunsu ginseng jelly, and take my vitamins.”

In case you’re wondering, Ssunsu (pronounced Sun-Su) is a health food brand, her latest venture under her holding company Kelhealth Group. The Beauty+ Red Ginseng Jelly she’s talking about is currently sold out.

Her coffee order

“Black, no sugar. I can drink up to three cups a day. If it’s Starbucks, I’ll get black coffee with almond milk and a splash of hazelnut syrup.”

Now, that’s one Starbucks order we’d love to try.

Her son Kyden

“He’s brought me good luck. Everything in my life became better after I had him, and I’ve grown closer to my family.”

Her most prized handbag

“My Himalaya Birkin. It was a gift from my dad when I was pregnant. It’s of great sentimental value because he seldom buys expensive bags for me. I guess he sees the value of Hermes bags now! (laughs)”

Her biggest regret

“Disappointing my dad when I was younger. He believes strongly in education, but I was rebellious and didn’t take my studies seriously. I wouldn’t change a thing though – everything happens for a reason and all those experiences shaped me into who I am today.”

Her dating dealbreaker

“No cheating and lying.”

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This article was first published in Her World Online

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