Ksisters Jungmin's top 5 places to go with kids in Singapore

PHOTO: Instagram/jungmin.lee

Where do you like to go with your kids? Nature spots are fun and fabulous ideas in Singapore, if you ask Ksisters #momboss Lee Jungmin.

In fact, four out of the top five places she often goes with her family are the great outdoors - watch Young Parents' video interview with her below.

This wasn't always the case when her two daughters, Yeonsoo and Jooha, were younger.

"We used to go to indoor playgrounds a lot because it was easier for us to manage and handle," says this South Korean who moved to Singapore in 2015.

"After they grow up a bit, we realised that this is the best time they can see and feel Singapore."

Especially if you're always hitting the malls and indoor playgrounds with your family, take this as an inspiration to get active outdoors, increase your dose of Vitamin Sunshine and strengthen your immunity.

Now, here's mum Jungmin's recommendations on where to go with kids in Singapore.

This article was first published in Young Parents.