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Lego's brand-new 2,807-piece Bowser model stomps into stores on Oct 1

Lego's brand-new 2,807-piece Bowser model stomps into stores on Oct 1
Lego's brand new Browser model will be in stores from Oct 1 onwards.

The King of the Koopas has finally arrived — and no, we don't mean that itty-bitty version we currently have in the Lego Super Mario range.

After all, putting that bite-sized baddie up against this new model of him is like comparing a child's sparkler to a volcano. 

Standing 32cm tall, 41cm wide and 28cm deep, Lego's all-new The Mighty Bowser (71411) is a mighty villain indeed, and by that reason alone, this hulking 2,807-piece model is already worth adding to your collection when he arrives on Oct 1 later this year.

After all, not only does this version look much closer to the iconic video game antagonist we all know and love (to hate?), but he even comes with a few extra features too! 


For one, he's able to spit fire from his mouth, or to be more specific, orange Lego studs, and there are buttons on his back that allow you to turn his head and neck too.

To add on, he even comes with posable limbs, movable fingers, and a fancy platform with buildable torches.

The latter offers more than just style points, though — it also includes a special Pow block for enhanced play with the Lego Super Mario Starter Courses if you have them. 

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In that sense, this model is much more "interactive" than your average Lego set, though it goes without saying that it also comes with a price to match.

At the time of writing, The Mighty Bowser is only available from the Lego Online Store directly, and this chunky boy will cost you a tidy US$269.99 (S$380) to pre-order.

As mentioned before, it arrives in stores on Oct 1.

This article was first published in HardwareZone.

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