Level up: Woman goes from doing make-up on the MRT to a speedboat, even nails eyeliner

PHOTO: TikTok/Unbiden

Some of us wake up earlier to do our make-up in the comfort of our homes. 

And then we have Mei Cheng, the Singaporean woman who went viral in February for dolling herself up on the MRT

Now, she's taking things to the next level by doing a full face of make-up on a bumpy speedboat.

In a TikTok video posted on Sunday (March 12), the student starts by getting her hair out of the way with a headband while on the moving speedboat.

"I'll be using all my favourite skincare and make-up today," she says.

Before starting on her make-up, she prepares her base with hyaluronic cream, sunscreen, as well as a face mask, which clings to her face for dear life thanks to the fierce wind. 

Moving on to the make-up, she covers her under eyes and dark spots with a concealer before spraying on some setting spray. 

While she does this, a man behind her looks on from behind a glass window in awe. 


Next up, she puts on some lip gloss, skin tint and a dust of pressed powder foundation. After which, she draws her eyebrows and sculpts her face with some blush and cream contour. 

Then she was on to probably the hardest step of them all — doing her eyeliner. 

"Honestly, this felt impossible. But you know me, an overachiever, always," she confesses. 

And after much focus and precision, she nails her eyeliner on both eyes. 

"What did I say? Easy ladies," she says proudly. 

Finally, she finishes up the look by contouring her nose and putting on some highlighter and eyeshadow.

In the comments, netizens were all praises. 

PHOTO: TikTok/Screengrab/Unbiden 

Many were especially impressed with her eyeliner skills. 

PHOTO: TikTok/Screengrab/Unbiden 

She's done it on Grab rides and in restaurants too 

Apart from doing her make-up on the train, Mei has made TikTok videos of herself doing make-up in other unconventional places. 

For instance, last Wednesday (March 8), she shared one of her doing her makeup on a bus while rushing for school. 

Last month, she even made one of her doing her make-up in local dim sum restaurant Swee Choon


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