Lin Chi-ling on her favourite accessories and hopes for 2021

Lin Chi-ling.
PHOTO: Longines

Her style

Timeless, authentic, feminine and comfortable.

Her everyday accessories

I love to wear my antique Longines watch and pearl earrings. I bought this vintage Longines timepiece in Paris and – thanks to the incredible archives of the brand – the headquarters in Switzerland was able to tell me all the history of this old jewel model.

My pearl earrings are from different designer brands. I acquired them during my travels around the world.

Her most special timepiece

Chi-ling bought this vintage Longines timepiece in Paris.
PHOTO: Her World Online

The pocket watch my dad gave me when I was going to study abroad. He chose this timepiece because I love the film Somewhere In Time; different space and time, but hearts always together. This watch was really important to me during those days when I was by myself as a visa student.

Why people are sentimental about watches and jewellery

Watches and jewellery are a personal statement, and echo the way we would like the outside world to perceive us. They are also linked to many significant memories as they withstand the test of time. How could they not be sentimental?

Her favourite jewellery

It is clearly my wedding ring, which was designed by my husband, Akira. I think this makes the ring extremely meaningful, and I love it very much!

Her style philosophy

It really depends on the event, venue, outfit, and the mood of the day. I am fond of long skirts, and my daily wear includes jeans and dresses. I don’t wear outfits from a particular brand, just anything that is comfortable and beautiful.

What she’s excited about for 2021

PHOTO: The Straits Times

After a devastating 2020, we look forward to a world where people can hug each other without hesitation, breathe without a mask, smile face to face, and move freely. It is really simple, but we paid a high price to appreciate the basics and the simple fact of being alive.

This article was first published in Her World Online.