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'Live life on your own terms': Singaporean experiences solo travel for first time, recommends it for all

'Live life on your own terms': Singaporean experiences solo travel for first time, recommends it for all
PHOTO: Screenshot/TikTok/heys2ach

Solo travelling can be nerve-racking. The idea of travelling alone in a foreign land can be daunting but it comes with its own rewards. 

For Zachary Tan, 27, his first solo travel experience has been one of personal growth.

Therefore, the performance marketer took to TikTok on Aug 29 to encourage people to do the same.

He travelled to Taiwan for 12 days and this trip has pushed him out of his "comfort zone". 

@heys2ach Why you should travel solo #solotraveler #solotrip #wellnessjourney ♬ Storytelling - Adriel

"[This] is when we start to learn new things and grow as a person," Zachary mentioned in the minute-long TikTok clip. 

Since he was alone in his trip, he didn't have to answer to anyone, which meant that "[he] can finally live life on [his] own terms".  

Zachary was able to do anything he wanted while on his Taiwan trip. For instance, there were no expectations to go to certain places or he didn't have to wait on friends.

This wasn't always the case. 

In a separate TikTok video, Zachary elaborated on how he used to be a "follower" when travelling.  

This time round though, he had to take charge of his travel itinerary. Naturally, mistakes can happen especially if it's your first time travelling alone, but the important thing is to survive and enjoy the experience. 

In return, you get to build your confidence level by taking ownership of the situation. Zachary mentioned, "You're responsible for your own decisions and mistakes. There is no one else to blame."

On the trip, Zachary also found comfort in being alone. It allowed time for self-reflection and made him appreciate the company of others when he gets it. 

Typically Zachary is not one to talk to strangers but travelling alone had encouraged him talk to the locals. 

Speaking to AsiaOne, Zachary also suggests chatting with the locals for their "recommendations [as it] is the easiest way to experience the best in the country". 

Besides a boost in confidence, surviving his first solo trip meant that Zachary was also able to prove to himself that he is a "capable and independent" individual. 

Netizens concur! 

In the comments section, netizens also agreed to Zachary's sentiment about solo travels. 

One user shared how he started solo travelling at 18 years old and never looked back. 

Another comment echoed Zachary's sentiment,  mentioning how travelling solo allows you to make plans on your own terms.

Some users also asked for tips on solo travelling. 

For instance, one commenter asked what kind of conversations Zachary had with the locals? To which Zachary replied that it was mostly small talks. 

In terms of planning, Zachary didn't do much of it. He had a rough itinerary but only decided on the places he want to go on the day itself since he had ample time on his hand. 

Others were inspired by his travel experience to go on their own solo vacation. 

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