Look out for bridal dress bargains that seem too good to be true

I am a firm believer of the creed "you get what you pay for." There is nothing fabulous about cheap buys unless it's quality stuff on sale with great discounts, or disposable items that are to be used once, or twice at most, then thrown away.

Where bridal fashions are concerned, I do have an issue with very affordable gowns that look... inexpensive. Brides get to be a princess on their big day; they should be dressed in stunning gowns that evoke romance and style.

I have met many brides who have gone overseas to to purchase off the rack gowns at amazingly low prices and regretted it afterwards. Like some of the dubious online sites I have visited, pictures of these dresses tell only part of the story.


Cheap dresses that look good on you are just that - good-looking cheap dresses. 

I am a stickler for beautiful fabric, intricate detailing and precise workmanship. I have seen brides who look beautiful in their inexpensive dress a distance away but up close, all the flaws and mistakes become obvious for everyone to see. 

So when getting your dream dress, note that your guests, and photographer, will be seeing it close-up and not just from a distance.


I can't stand polyester or synthetic blend fabrics - even for my own wardrobe.
They exude a plastic shine that reminds me of the cheap polyester satin dresses in the 70s.
They crease terribly and the shine, instead of a classy, subtle sheen (which you get with beautiful duchess satin or matte silk), adds unflattering inches to any figure.
It also looks bad in pictures. And they are extremely uncomfortable to wear - beware of heat rash! 


10440766_751296664962118_6871969789551731376_n.jpgPhoto: Brides Beware's Facebook page


Even worse is polyester lace - laces that are tacked on dresses and also have a disturbing shimmer and shine.
The designs of these laces remind me of tablecloths - most likely they were trimmed off actual tablecloths! Then there are plastic beads that look... plastic.
And gaudy fabric trims that remind me of curtains from the past - like the 60s. Not a stylish retro vibe to have. If you can't afford tasteful trims that can cost more, opt for dresses with interesting designs and cuts that don't require much fuss or details. 


I have heard stories of dresses bought cheaply overseas that wouldn't zip up, or tore at the seams, on the actual wedding day. Blame the cheap fabric. 

Blame the sub-standard workmanship. Your wedding dress will have to endure a hectic day of rushing around - it may look good at the first try but can it last the day?


Along with bad workmanship is bad fit. Some brides buy cheap dresses that fit badly thinking they can alter them later. Depending on the design and cut, some dresses can't be altered for a beautiful fit.

And once bought online or from overseas, it's tough to do returns and get a better alternative. So it's always best to source your dress locally or get your it made-to-measure for that perfect fit.

This article was first published in Her World Online .