Man in disbelief after 'outstandingly bad' $1,630 car wrap job leaves vehicle covered in scratches

Man in disbelief after 'outstandingly bad' $1,630 car wrap job leaves vehicle covered in scratches
Scratches (left) and dirt (right) after the car wrap job.
PHOTO: Screengrabs/TikTok/Smolmammol

From bad wrap to bad rep.

One man's car wrap job has been trending online for the wrong reasons. Unhappy with his "outstandingly bad" $1,630 wrap, Te Zhaoyan took to Facebook to call out Project-25 Groomwrkz, a car workshop in Ang Mo Kio.

Automotive content creator Tsuri, who is a vinyl installer at Vos Automotive Styling, also shared Zhaoyan's predicament in a series of TikTok clips a week ago, garnering a total of over three million views.


"The client (Zhaoyan) decided to send his car to us to fix whatever the f*** this was," Tsuri said.

There were visible air bubbles and creases on the car, and rubber seals on the doors and windows were also cut.


"Look at the amount of dirt on the edges," the caption wrote.

There were also cuts and scratches all over the car.

In the comments section, it seemed like netizens were wincing every time a scratch was revealed. Just imagine how the car owner felt.

According to Zhaoyan, Project-25 Groomwrkz offered to redo the service but he said he was not going to take up their offer.

It was a case of once bitten, twice shy, as Zhaoyan said he could no longer "sensibly trust the quality of work" from the workshop.

Zhaoyan wasn't simply unhappy with quality of the car wrap. He was also upset that the workshop had supposedly delayed the collection of the vehicle too.

The customer said he was delayed on five occasions, amounting to over 35 hours. He mentioned how this impacted his daily transport to and from work.

AsiaOne has reached out to Project-25 Groomwrkz for more information.

Thankfully for Zhaoyan, this story has a happy ending. 

When he collected his car from Vos Automotive Styling, it was "a far cry" from his experience with Project-25 Groomwrkz.

Zhaoyan said: "I just collected my car from them and I’m really impressed with what they have done! They were really meticulous and take pride in their work, and it showed in the end product."

He added his unpleasant experience should serve as a lesson to other car owners that they should "avoid going for cheap amateurish work".

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