Man proposes to girlfriend of 10 years with a 'chicky' KFC bouquet

Man proposes to girlfriend of 10 years with a 'chicky' KFC bouquet
PHOTO: Roam The Hills

For special occasions like Valentine's Day, anniversaries and proposals, most people would make it a point to gift their partner with a bouquet of beautiful flowers to commemorate the date.

However, a young man in Singapore decided to go the extra mile by contacting fast-food chain KFC to help him create a fried chicken bouquet for his soon-to-be wife.

Darren Chua and Koh Han Yan, both 27, met in secondary school and dated for around 10 years.

Couples usually have common interests and passions which serve as the gel that holds the relationship together and for this pair, theirs is KFC. Han Yan herself loves the fast-food brand so much that she has religiously tried every one of KFC's innovations.


Unsurprisingly, when Darren was planning to propose to her, he played around with the idea of getting her a fried chicken bouquet.

He initially thought of DIY-ing one himself or purchasing it from a florist but after some deliberation, he decided to head straight to the source and ask KFC for help.

In an interview with Youthopia, Darren said that as "KFC doesn't sell the chicken bouquet, [he] thought it would be more meaningful if [he] could manage to get the chicken bouquet from KFC. [He had] tried writing into KFC and they were very excited to help [him] with it".

They executed the 'chicky' plan sometime last December. 

To throw her off course, Darren gave Han Yan a regular bouquet of flowers along with some cards and a video he had put together himself.

Only after romantically serenading her did he propose with the ring and of course, a golden-brown fried chicken bouquet.

In the midst of his speech, Darren even threw in a reference about her 'dream' of wanting to marry the grandson of the owner of KFC, saying that while he isn't part of the KFC bloodline, he will still do his best to fulfil all her (fried chicken) needs and wants.

This Valentine's Day, the fast-food chain congratulated the happy couple on its social media platforms, saying that "this was one of the sweetest requests [it has] received".

It seems like KFC may want to consider making the fried chicken bouquet a permanent menu item as based on the comments, a number of people seem pretty inspired by the idea. 

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