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MetaJam Asia 2022 offers NFTs galore and more

MetaJam Asia 2022 offers NFTs galore and more
MetaJam Asia is Singapore's first ever digital art and experiential festival, with many goodies lined up for the next three months!
PHOTO: MetaJam Asia

NFTs, whales, and gas. If these terms sound foreign to you, that's probably because you haven't been inducted into the crypto world yet. But don't fret because that's what MetaJam Asia 2022 is here to do.

Held from May 6, 2022 till July 31, 2022 at Tekka Place, the three-month long event is not only for crypto experts, but for those who have zero clue what Web 3.0 is all about.

During the ticketed event, there'll be various immersive experiences - think digitalising yourself as a pixelated NFT onto a screen, or drawing your own NFT — and seven educational zones. By the time you walk out, you won't be a crypto know-it-all, but you'll definitely be more knowledgeable lah.

You can also expect 10,000 NFTs, a three-day summit in July, as well as a two-day GameFi Asia event that will include blockchain gaming panel sessions and a hackathon.

Mai tu liao, let's jump into the metaverse!


MetaPass NFT ticket

If you're still a crypto newbie, then the physical tickets work for you. Otherwise, you can mint your own ticket that comes with crazy perks. That's right, go digital and get sibei enticing benefits like priority access to the entire duration of the event, meet & greet sessions, exclusive discounts, and more!

Doing good for their communities



NFTs aren't just about buying and selling digital artworks. Creators like tezarekt, co-founded by local beatboxing world champ Dharni, are utilising NFTs and the crypto world as a means to uplift artistes in their communities. Be it beat boxers or other artistes, they get a cut of the royalties and greater recognition when users buy their NFTs.

At tezarekt's booth, you can try your luck at their Gachapon-style machine, where you try to mint individual Japanese beatboxing artistes, before synthesising them into one NFT. The coolest part? The synthesisation doesn't just combine separate NFTs into one, the booth plays out a synthesised audio of their individual performances as well. 


Celebrating our Little Red Dot's talent

Even our local artistes are hopping onto the bandwagon! Singaporean singer-songwriter Kexin Tay has a special partnership with MetaJam Asia that will appear sometime during the festival. So keep your eyes peeled 👀

Singapore-based companies and artists will also get a chance to display their NFTs, during the Singapore NFT Week, which is slated to take place in June.

Founder of Chain Debrief, Jacky Yap, also commented that "Singapore has become a bustling hub in the crypto space, with many communities sprouting up. As crypto adoption accelerates, events like these are essential in introducing new players to the Web 3 space, while at the same time acting as launchpads for current communities to gather and share knowledge."

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