The most common traffic police 'sniper' spots around Singapore

The most common traffic police 'sniper' spots around Singapore
A traffic police officer operating the new speed laser camera on a bridge over Nicoll Highway.
PHOTO: The Straits Times

We highlight the most common locations for traffic police ‘snipers’ around Singapore, using the Co-Driver on the Motorist App where drivers can receive alerts on these “red zones” while driving.

In our previous article, we only teased you with five ‘sniper’ locations. But today, we bring you an even more extended list that highlights 25 ‘sniper’ locations across Singapore.

Arranged according to region, you best watch your speed limit while driving at these locations. Otherwise, you might find a speeding ticket with your name on it.

Similar to the previous article, we have pulled our exclusive data of more than 160,000 unique locations to bring you the top five ‘sniper’ locations in each region.

Watch your back at these locations:

Developed in partnership with the Singapore Traffic Police, Co-Driver is a dedicated driving companion that sends you real-time audio alerts when approaching Traffic Police enforcement camera zones.

This article was first published in Motorist.

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