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Nasi lemak, bak kut teh, Hokkien mee: Gurmit Singh reveals whether he prefers Singapore's or Malaysia's version

Nasi lemak, bak kut teh, Hokkien mee: Gurmit Singh reveals whether he prefers Singapore's or Malaysia's version
PHOTO: Screengrabs/TikTok/Danieldineskl

If you're asked to list out Singapore's classic dishes, nasi lemak would likely rank highly among our local favourites.

However, despite its standing in the Singapore food scene, it seems like Gurmit Singh has a preference for nasi lemak from our nearby neighbours instead.

The Singaporean actor made his preference known in a clip he appeared in, which was posted on Malaysian content creator Danieldineskl's TikTok channel last Friday (May 17).

The duo were at Mali's Corner in Kuala Lumpur looking to enjoy a plate of Malaysia's national dish.

"Oh my goodness, it looks so good. I want to have it all," Gurmit said, just as he was about to order.

@danieldineskl Brought Phua Chu Kang to eat our local Malaysian Nasi Lemak. His NEW comedy show is coming on 20th and 21 July 2024 at HGH Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur #phuachukang #laughdieyou #gurmitsingh #herosingh ♬ original sound - danieldineskl

When asked which version of nasi lemak he preferred, Gurmit was swift in responding.

"Malaysia. You see, no hesitation." 

A Singaporean openly admitting Malaysia's version of a dish trumps that of Singapore?

This is the the kind of thing that can start food wars online.

Daniel seemed to be more than aware of it, as he gasped before stating that it was Gurmit who claimed Malaysia tops Singapore on nasi lemak, not him.

Gurmit wasn't too bothered, as he was clearly enjoying his time at Mali's Corner (and we've not even gotten to eating any nasi lemak yet).

The 59-year-old ordered a heap of coconut rice, accompanied with bergedil (fried potato patty), fried chicken, a boiled egg, some slices of cucumber and, of course, sambal.

This or that?

Gurmit revealed that he doesn't really have a preference when it comes to sambal.

He's fine with either the sweeter or spicier version, it just "depends on the day".

During the meal, Daniel did a quick-fire poll with Gurmit on his preferences between Singaporean and Malaysian versions of a dish.

Singaporean foodies might want to look away as Gurmit admitted that he's a bigger fan of the Malaysian version of chicken rice.

"It used to be Singapore but now the stall closed, so now it's Malaysia," he said.

The same goes for Hokkien mee, with Gurmit opting for Malaysia's version.

It wasn't a clean sweep for Malaysia though as Gurmit did mention that he prefers Singapore's version of bak kut teh, chilli crab and char kway teow.

In the comments section, many were excited to see Gurmit Singh having nasi lemak in Malaysia.

A number of netizens also referred to him as Phua Chu Kang, the iconic TV sitcom character he played.

In response to one of Gurmit's verdicts in the quick-fire poll, one TikTok user asked rhetorically: "Char kway teow [in] Singapore? Are you kidding?"

Another responded that he should try Penang's version instead.

While Gurmit gave Malaysia the thumbs up for their nasi lemak, one netizen claimed he was at the wrong location.

He commented: "The best is Village Park nasi lemak in Damansara."

If Gurmit did a good job in convincing you to try the nasi lemak at Mali's Corner, do note that this restaurant only opens from 5pm onwards.

According to Google, they run until half past four in the morning so there are no issues if those hunger pangs come late at night.

A plate of regular nasi lemak is RM3.50 (S$1) and diners have the option to add-on menu items like fried chicken RM6.50 and fried egg RM1.50.

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