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This new cat cafe in the East has adorable kitty meringue biscuits and a cute owner to boot

This new cat cafe in the East has adorable kitty meringue biscuits and a cute owner to boot
PHOTO: Instagram/sydirahman, Instagram/pawsclawspetstore

[UPDATE: Sept 22]

A previous version of this article included Paws Claws Petstore's menu. The cat cafe clarified today (Sept 22) that it will not be serving food and drinks for the time being. However, each customer will still receive a complimentary kitty meringue biscuit in sealed packaging for them to take home. 

Many cat lovers can only fantasise about owning a house full of kitties but one lucky man is living the dream with his newly-opened cat cafe.

Paws Claws Petstore, which opened on Sept 16, is founded by content creator Adi Rusydi A. Rahman and has over a dozen Ragamuffin kitties.


Fun fact — every single one of them belongs to Adi, according to GirlStyle.

For a cat cafe, the admission prices are surprisingly affordable. It only costs $12 for the first hour. If you want to stay a little longer, there is an extension cost of $5 per person for 30 minutes or $8 per person for an hour.

On top of that, each visitor will receive a free kitty meringue biscuit that's carefully crafted by home baker a.meringuetale — too cute!

As with every animal cafe, visitors have to adhere to the house rules and regulations. 


For Paws Claws Petstore, you'll have to sign a waiver before entering and need to be at least seven years old. Children under 12 years old need to be accompanied by a parent or a guardian.

Apart from sanitising your hands and removing your shoes before entering the cat playroom, you also are not allowed to carry the cats, disturb them if they're sleeping, be rough with them, take photos with flash or feed the cats outside food.

Additionally, do note that you can only visit the cafe if you have made an appointment. You can do so via direct message on Instagram.


Prior to opening Paws Claws Petstore, Adi also provided professional grooming services. According to his Instagram account, he has over eight years of experience under his belt — that probably explains why all his cats look so spiffy!

Therefore, it isn't surprising that Paws Claws Petstore also offers grooming services such as detangling, nail clipping, deshedding and underbelly shaving.

So if your fluffy feline friend needs a trim or a bath, you know where to bring them.

Address: 331 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427587

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