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Not for the faint-hearted: $8 haunted house in Tampines is 'scarier than Halloween Horror Nights'

Not for the faint-hearted: $8 haunted house in Tampines is 'scarier than Halloween Horror Nights'
PHOTO: Tampines 1, Screengrab/TikTok/Mcsonorussg

Deliberately choosing to get spooked during the Halloween season doesn't come cheap.

A Halloween Horror Nights ticket would set you back $68, minimum, but an alternative in Tampines is getting all the hype of late.

This haunted house, located on the roof of Tampines 1, looks like the real deal and the best part of it is probably its value.

One ticket is only $8.

As for haunted house itself, some have claimed that it looks even "scarier than Halloween Horror Nights".

Last Saturday (Oct 22), TikTok user Mcsonorussg posted a 34-second clip of what visitors can expect at the pop-up haunted house.


To set the scene, a Lady in Red said to haunt the eerie Old Tampines Road bus stop will be awaiting unsuspecting visitors. 

The mystery is in where exactly she'll greet the visitors.

In the caption, Mcsonorussg mentioned that there are a few rooms for visitors to walk through.

These room are close to pitch black and the decorations include dangling body parts. Based on the video, they've definitely got the horror vibes down.

Netizens, presumably the adrenaline junkies, were impressed with what they saw.

"Like abit [sic] scarier than HHN [Halloween Horror Nights] ah ngl (not going to lie)," one said.

A few, however, commented that it's best they stay clear of such haunted houses

One admitted the high possibility of them crying upon entering while another was worried that "one of those [Halloween props] might be real".

If this all doesn't faze you and you're keen on experiencing the Scarefest Horror Maze, you can head down to Tampines 1 on Fridays to Sundays for the month of October.

The attraction is open from 6pm to 11pm and you can also redeem a pass when you spend $50 at the mall.

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