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One true love? Singaporean woman shares why her family only eats this particular brand of instant noodles

One true love? Singaporean woman shares why her family only eats this particular brand of instant noodles
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In most Singaporean households, you'll find an assortment of cup noodles and instant noodle packets in the pantry. However, this particular family has stuck with just one brand of instant noodles for years.

Meet Charissa, who has been eating KOKA instant noodles since she was in primary school.

The tradition began when her parents' busy schedules prompted them to stock up on instant noodles. But as a health-conscious family, they've always opted for healthier food choices. One fortuitous trip to the supermarket, they stumbled upon none other than Singapore's home-grown brand of instant noodles - KOKA - and the rest is history.

"I grew up eating KOKA. There was always a shelf full of KOKA noodles in the kitchen at home," shares Charissa, now 28.

With a myriad of brands and varieties out there, you may wonder why this family swears by just one brand, but their decision is not without reason.

"My parents like it because it's healthier. There's no MSG, so they don't feel guilty when eating it," Charissa reveals. "Also, they have flavours that are very local, which I love."

Fortunately for Charissa and her family, KOKA dropped new flavours last March in their first-ever Multigrain collection, featuring noodles made from Purple Corn and Oats and Barley. Though Charissa is highly loyal to KOKA's local flavours, she is eager to try their newest ones.

Interested to hear her take on these new flavours, we prepared three hearty KOKA meals for her to savour and review. Read on to discover her family's history with KOKA, while getting the inside scoop on how you can make these healthy and delicious meals for yourself too!

Yuzu Miso with Purple Corn Noodles

Starting on a high note with one of Charissa's favoured flavours, we prepared a delectable Yuzu-infused dish featuring KOKA's Multigrain Yuzu Miso with Purple Corn noodles.

To enhance the dish's nutritional value and flavour profile, we also threw some wholesome silken tofu, seaweed, and a dash of spring onion into the mix. The result? A ramen-inspired dish that took only 10 minutes to prep and cook!

The first dish earned Charissa's approval, evident in her appreciative nods after each spoonful.

"The Yuzu flavour is quite authentic, which is surprising because it's hard to replicate it. With the silken tofu, the dish feels light and healthy," Charissa shares. "The best part is that the noodles are chewy and soak up the fragrant broth. Five out of five, for sure."

At this point, Charissa shares a nostalgic childhood story with us - one about her dad enjoying KOKA's Laksa noodles in the morning, one of her family's favourites.

"Sometimes my dad would eat KOKA's laksa noodles for breakfast and I could always smell it from upstairs when I was getting ready for school," she recalls. "I bet he'll like this one too."

Unsurprisingly, this isn't the family's first experience with KOKA's Purple Corn collection. Although they haven't tried this particular recipe, they've incorporated KOKA's purple noodles into their homemade soups.

"I just love the texture of the purple noodles. We always buy them and cook them with leftovers. Recently we had leftover turkey after Christmas, so we threw them in with the KOKA noodles," she adds.

For those who are not familiar, these purple noodles are made with whole oats and Purple Corn grains and have been proven to contain double the antioxidants found in most fruits and vegetables. For those looking to try these unique multigrain noodles, there are close to a dozen different flavours in this collection available on KOKA's website.

Truffle Mushroom with Oats and Barley Noodles

Next on the menu is KOKA's Multigrain Truffle Mushroom with Oats and Barley. Normally it takes more time to prepare a pasta dish, complete with cream and cheese, but all we needed to do was pop the noodles into the pot and mix the seasoning in when it was done. The whole process took us less than 15 minutes!

To make this dish more special, we topped it off with succulent white button mushrooms and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese to enhance the decadent truffle aroma.

Although Charissa is used to KOKA's local flavours, she couldn't wait to try this western-inspired dish.

Tucking into the meal, her expression quickly transforms into one of delightful surprise. Charissa doesn't consider herself a big truffle fan, as she usually finds the scent and taste a tad overpowering, but this dish managed to overturn her expectations.

"It's surprisingly light, and it's quite interesting to fuse western flavours and instant noodles," she notes. "Taste-wise, the noodles are delicious - I expected the texture to be more grainy, but I think it's just right, with the right amount of chewiness too."

"I would give this a three-point-five out of five. I like creamier dishes like carbonara and alfredo, but if you're someone who likes instant noodles with western-inspired and lighter flavours, this would be great for you."

Mala Stirfry with Purple Corn Noodles

To end the taste test with a bang, we crafted a mouthwatering mala delight for Charissa - a special order that's not just flavorful but also a healthier choice. Plus, with KOKA Mala Stirfry Multigrain Noodles as the centerpiece, no frying was necessary.

And to provide an authentic experience, we threw in some broccoli and abalone mushrooms.

Like many Singaporeans, Charissa is no stranger to the delights of mala. Her familiarity with the spice was clear to us as she generously sprinkled more chilli flakes onto the dish.

Fortunately, the beauty of mala instant noodles like KOKA's, lies in the control it affords. With just the delicious mala seasoning and noodles, you have the power to customise your meal, whether it's adding protein, vegetables, or an extra kick of spice. Plus, it's a much healthier and cheaper option too!

Chowing down on her noodles, Charissa appeared quite taken aback with every bite.

"It's really spicy and taste-wise - super legit," she declares. "It has that authentic mala taste and there's even that numbing feeling from the Sichuan peppercorn. I'll definitely eat it again, five out of five."

Charissa adds that this isn't the only time KOKA has brought her joy, recounting that she always orders KOKA on the plane.

"If you sit on Singapore Airlines, you can request for instant noodles. It's usually KOKA and let me tell you, it tastes extra good in the air. I share it with my dad all the time. Sometimes he has to get another cup because there just isn't enough to go around."

True enough, KOKA's products can be found in most supermarkets and even on flights by Singapore Airlines and Scoot. Delicious and fuss-free to prepare.

Noodles for every time, anywhere and all at once

Charissa's long-standing love affair with KOKA may have been borne out of her family's commitment to healthy eating, but the versatility of KOKA noodles has made them loyal fans to the core. Armed with a dash of creativity and some recipe innovation, her family has seamlessly embraced the idea that they only need one go-to brand of instant noodles.

From inventive flavours like Pepper Crab to the comforting Mushroom Miso, KOKA instant noodles present a diverse array, catering to instant noodle enthusiasts like Charissa.

If you're interested to try these flavours for yourself, we're sharing an exclusive offer that's available for a limited time only: you can now buy a special KOKA bundle that includes the Mala Stirfry and Yuzu Miso flavours from the Purple Corn collection, and the Chicken, Tangy Tomato and Truffle Mushroom flavours from the Oats and Barley collection.

Get this Tasting Pack of 10 Multigrain Noodles for just $12 here.

This article is brought to you in partnership with KOKA.

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