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Optimal packing for the travelling Singaporean techie

Optimal packing for the travelling Singaporean techie
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The flight tickets and hotels are booked – all that's left to do is pack! 

Besides the essentials (your phone is a given, of course), there are a few gadgets and tech-related items that I would say are a must-have not just for the travelling Singaporean techie, but for anyone, really.

Don't forget to pack these before your next overseas getaway:

Wifi dongle

The most important thing (for me, at least) is to always stay connected – not just for posting your travel photos, but also for navigation, or doing a last-minute Google search when the restaurant you wanted to go to is closed.

The Changi Rewards wifi dongle is easy to book online, you can pick it up when you check-in, and return it when you come home to Singapore.

Power bank

This is a must on a long trip. By the time you take photos, shoot Insta-stories, and try to use Google Maps to find your way to the next destination, confirm your phone's battery will kaput just after lunchtime. Better safe than sorry, especially in an unknown country.

Speaking of being safe…

Small anti-theft bag

This isn't a tech-item per se, but it is one where you can store your phone, wallet, and power bank while sightseeing. It's easy to charge your phone in an emergency while you are out and about.

The anti-theft zippers are to protect your valuables in case of an unfortunate incident, like this one.

Braided cables

The charging cable that you get when you buy your new phone isn't one made for travel. It might get worn out, fray, or break – especially if you are using it with your power bank to charge your phone while moving about.

Get braided charging cables. There are a few brands that use Kevlar material so you know it can last many holidays. Some have multiple heads to charge different devices too.

Nintendo Switch

On the long train ride to your next destination and can't sleep? Already seen everything on the in-flight entertainment? Let the Nintendo Switch save you from boredom.

There are so many games readily available for the console, but the best part about the Switch is being able to play two-player games with bae wherever, whenever.

AirTag or any similar small tracker

You may have heard recent horror stories about checked bags getting lost at the airport.

If you pack an Apple AirTag or any similar tracker in your suitcase, you can see if the bags are following you around the world, giving you peace of mind. If your luggage does go missing, at least you have proof (for the airline) of where your bag is.

Extension power socket

When I first brought out a small three-way extension socket for our first holiday together, my wife laughed.

But when we arrived at our hotel and found that there were only limited wall plugs, she saw how useful this can be – especially for a techie like me. Now I can charge my power bank and laptop while she uses the extra socket for her hairdryer.

Travel plug

The last but probably the most essential tech-related thing to pack. If you somehow forget to bring one, you can usually buy one at the airport but best to get one prepared before your flight lah – cheaper also.

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