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This Pikachu centipede plushie is both adorable and mildly terrifying

This Pikachu centipede plushie is both adorable and mildly terrifying
PHOTO: AliExpress

Plushies are often great to have for hugging to sleep or clutching on to while you go on a movie binge. They are often adorable, therapeutic, and something lovers of cute things find difficult to say no to.

But what happens when your plushie starts to straggle the line between adorable and horror? You get the Pikachu Centipede or PikaCentipede plushie, that’s what.

To call the Pikacentipede or as its AliExpress listing calls it, the ‘Very long Pikachued Insect Elf Plush Doll Cute Anime Cartoon Pillow Stuffed Toy Yellow Decoration Christmas Gift For Kids’, disconcertingly cute is definitely one way of putting it. 

If you stare long enough, it even seems as if Pikachu’s asking for help behind its cheery smile. 

The plushie comes with Pikachu’s head, and that’s just about where the resemblance with the Pokémon franchise’s iconic yellow mascot ends.

It has a long body divided into round, bulbous portions, and seem to bend easily to serve various functions. It can be used as a pillow, a body pillow, a neck rest, or a backrest.

The Pikacentipede also come in various size options, from 85cm to 1.7m, and are priced from US$21.36 (S$28) to US$91.58.

You can find this very long Pikachu plushie, and other Pokémon plushies, on AliExpress.

This article was first published in Geek Culture

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