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Planning a vacation? Head to Krabi on Jetstar Asia's latest direct route from Singapore

Planning a vacation? Head to Krabi on Jetstar Asia's latest direct route from Singapore
PHOTO: Jetstar Asia

Contemplating a trip to Krabi?

Well, there's a new player in the game when it comes to flights to the picturesque resort town in southern Thailand.

Flight 3K573 departed Changi Airport Terminal 4 on the morning of Friday (June 7), establishing Jetstar Asia's brand new direct route between Singapore and Krabi.

Operated by their fleet of Airbus A320s, the low-cost carrier will fly six return flights each week.

That's more than 60,000 seats between Singapore and Krabi each year.

The flight schedule was carefully planned out, with half of the weekly services taking off from Singapore in the morning. 

In under two hours, travellers from Singapore would have landed in Krabi with a full day to enjoy what the travel destination has to offer.

Travellers from Europe and Australia can also benefit from the schedule, with evening flights looking rather attractive should they be keen to visit Krabi via Singapore.

Flight # Frequency From To Depart Arrive
3K571 Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday Singapore Krabi 8:10pm 9pm
3K572 Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday Krabi Singapore 9:40pm 12:30am +1
3K573 Wednesday, Friday, Saturday Singapore Krabi 7.20am 8:10am
3K574 Wednesday, Friday, Saturday Krabi Singapore 8:50am 11:40am

Why Krabi?

With its stunning islands and breathtaking beaches, Krabi can also be a great place for a holiday.

Think adventurous activities such as island hopping, coral diving or rock climbing.

Jetstar Asia CEO John Simeone said this was the first of three new routes Jetstar Asia will be launching this month.

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