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Polestar arrives in Singapore under Wearnes Automotive

Polestar arrives in Singapore under Wearnes Automotive
Polestar 2.
PHOTO: Polestar.

Multi-brand distributor Wearnes Automotive has announced that it will be the official agent for Polestar.

Other brands under Wearnes’ belt in Singapore include Bentley, Renault, Alpine and Jaguar.

Polestar is owned by Swedish carmaker Volvo, which is turn is owned by Geely. Before its current iteration, the brand was Volvo’s motorsport partner.

It also tuned regular production Volvo models – customers could choose to have their cars “Polestar Optimised”.

Today, the brand is a manufacturer of electric performance vehicles.

The Singapore showroom, which will be called Polestar Space, will be located at 45 Leng Kee Road. It is slated to open in November 2021.

The first model that will be launched here is the Polestar 2, a five-door fastback. It will include three variants: a Standard model with a 69kWh battery, a long-range single motor model with a 78kWh battery and a long-range dual-motor model.

The latter will serve as the top-end variant. It has a 78kWh battery and two motors, which deliver 402hp (300kW) and 660Nm.

The electric fastback is also the first car in the world with Google’s Android Automotive OS built into it. The operating system brings Google services to a vehicle for the first time, so features like Google Maps and the Google Play Store come as standard.

This article was first published in Torque.

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