Proper ways to clean bathroom mirrors, wooden furniture and more

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Your bathroom mirrors are subjected to humidity, which can damage the backing on the mirror. A glass cleaner every other day also might seep into the mirror and cause further wear and tear. Simply keep a microfibre cloth on hand to wipe away streaks and toothpaste flecks. When using glass cleaner, spray the product on the cloth - not directly on the mirror.

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Washing cast iron skillets too often can break down the precious 'seasoning' (the layer of grease baked into the pan's surface which prevents it from rusting and makes the pan non-stick). Avoid hard-scrubbing or soaking the pan too long in dish soap. Simply rinse immediately after cooking, then wash in hot water. You can also scrub it with kosher salt and water, which is gentler on your pan.

Pillowcases should ideally be sent to the laundry every week, because it's where dead skin and dustmites accumulate. However, pillow inserts require fewer trips to the wash, or they will wear out quickly. Give them a wash every three to six months.

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While it's true that rugs and carpets trap dust and dirt, it's not wise to vacuum or spot clean too much as that wears down the fibres. Some cleaners might damage the material, too. Get your carpets professionally cleaned about once a year, and use a gentle and natural solution like apple cider vinegar to clean up stains. Light vacuuming once a week is good, though.

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Keeping your wooden furniture pieces shiny does not mean buffing them every other day as that can damage the finish. The oily residue can also attract more dust and dirt. Instead, use a soft microfibre cloth and save the cleaners and polishers for deep cleanings.

This article was first published in Home & Decor.