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Ranking Bali's beach clubs, so you know the best places for the right vibe

Ranking Bali's beach clubs, so you know the best places for the right vibe
PHOTO: Instagram/Savaya Bali

If you're visiting Bali and you're not making time for a beach club, then are you really visiting Bali?

In writing your itinerary for your next Bali trip, remember to make plenty of time for a day at one of the island's many beach clubs, where lazy afternoons sprawled on sunbeds sipping delicious cocktails await you.

Come nightfall, grab your girlfriends and groove till the sun rises again, as you lap up the best in Balinese hospitality.

Having said all that, the big question remains: which beach club should you be going to? To help you find your perfect beach club fit, here are some of our favourite places to go to!

P.S: Pandemic travel still requires extra planning, paperwork and patience - be sure to use this handy travel tool that allows you to check on the right requirements for entry.

Ranking Bali's beach clubs, so you know the best places for the right vibe

La Brisa


Located in: Canggu

What to expect: "Bohemian" is a word that most people would associate with Bali, and no beach club captures this vibe more clearly than La Brisa.

Located in Canggu - an area of Bali that has gotten increasingly popular with the trendier traveller - La Brisa's club space opens onto a rustic wooden boardwalk that is greeted by gorgeous views of the ocean.

Head down the steps and onto one of the daybeds on the beach and be taken care by the club's warm hospitality team. Should you start feeling peckish, pick from one of their food and beverage offerings.

Why we love it: Listen, one of the things we adore about beach clubs is that there's no shortage of chances to people watch.

La Brisa tends to attract gaggles of Instagram-snapping people all looking to create vacation content, and we'd lie if we said that they weren't entertaining to watch. Apart from that, we can't stress enough how gorgeous sunsets at La Brisa can be.

Perhaps the sun is a paid actor at this club? Who knows?

Desa Potato Head


Located in: Petitenget

What to expect: You've definitely seen the iconic facade of Potato Head, where old shutter windows are collaged together to form an impressively artistic exterior.

Since opening, Potato Head has grown beyond the confines of a regular beach club and is now positioning itself as a creative village of art and culture. Translation: you don't just party there, but you get to stay in one of their modern rooms, or shop at one of several upscale boutiques located within its compound.

Simone Rocha dresses to go with your pina coladas, anyone?

Beyond that, Desa Potato Head plays host to several dining options, such as Kaum and pop-up plant-based dining Tanaman.

Why we love it: There are critics who firmly believe that Potato Head has lost its "cool" factor due to its overhyped reputation amongst visitors. Our verdict? Go and experience the place for yourself.

Sure, you should expect a waitlist when it comes to securing one of the coveted daybeds by the poolside, but you'll find this to be the case at many of the island's beach clubs too.

Beyond that, the fact that Desa Potato Head offers a full range of things to do - from the best in dining, wellness and shopping - makes this place a winner for us because there's always something new to experience.

Finns Beach Club


Located in: Canggu

What to expect: Hot on the radar of beach club enthusiasts is Finns, which offers a more laidback vibe.

Make a reservation for one of the daybeds, and request for one that faces the sea, so you get stunning views of the horizon, without ever having to head down to the sandy shores.

There are also tables situated in the middle of the club's pool, and a dedicated party space in the centre of the club should you wish to host your own shindig. As evening draws in, look out for the live DJs that will take to the decks, and dance the night away.

Why we love it: There's just something in the water at Finns that makes each visit just as enjoyable. Maybe it's voodoo, or maybe it's just an overzealous bartender being extra generous with the spirits.

Thanks to its larger space and higher availability of daybeds, you don't feel like you're in The Hunger Games trying to secure a spot for your friends and yourself. The food and drinks are pretty yummy, which means you don't have to leave the club for nosh.

Cattamaran Beach Club


Located in: Ungasan

What to expect: One of the newest establishments to open on the lower tip of the island is Cattamaran, where a massive bamboo structure greets guests entering its premises.

With a semi-indoor set up that offers sunbeds in the shade, infinity pools and plenty of Instagrammable hammocks and swings, it's no wonder why people are flocking there to spend the day.

Lap up the Balinese breeze as you tuck into a hearty meal and stay till dusk when international DJs drop beats for you and your party to dance to.

Why we love it: The obvious star of this beach club has to be the bamboo structure. Relax, it's a lot sturdier than you think.

Furnished beautifully with modern coastal accents, and bathed in gorgeous natural light, this beach club is the companion you never knew you needed for your 'fit snaps.

Oh, and did we mention that they throw pretty fabulous parties too?

From splashing into a pool filled with floating baubles to a foam party soundtracked with a live saxophonist, the parties are as imaginative as they are fun.



Located in: Uluwatu

What to expect: Though technically a cliff club more than a beach club, we would be remiss if we didn't include ONEEIGHTY, located within the villa resort The Edge.

Set atop a cliff, the infinity pool overlooks the famed shores of Uluwatu, where crashing waves and gentle breezes make for a relaxing afternoon. Take a daybed underneath a shady umbrella, and feel your stresses melt away.

Why we love it: We blame the pandemic for our sudden preference of crowdless places, which is why we adore this spot. When we paid a visit, the place was definitely a lot quieter than other beach clubs.

Translation: Not having to elbow your way through the pool, lesser chances of running into screaming kids, and just a general feeling of being able to breathe easy in the spaciousness!

Snap all the pics you want in the infinity pool without having some jealous Instagrammer eye you up while waiting their turn.



Located in:Uluwatu

What to expect: It's chic, it's sleek, it's Savaya. Opening at the end of 2020 in the same spot that was previously occupied by OMNIA, the iconic cube-like structure greets you as you enter the club.

In the day, sweeping views of the sea - the club is located 100 meters above the sparkling Indian Ocean - make you feel like you've just arrived at a celebrity club. If you want to feel like a partying jetsetter, then this is a must-go stop.

Why we love it: If your fantasy is to live and party like Jennifer Lopez, then Savaya is your cup of Long Island Tea. The vibe here is definitely more posh than other beach clubs on the island, and with good reason.

You'll find plenty of designer-clad people flaunting their latest summer wardrobes, and plenty of mogul-type partygoers to satisfy all your people-watching needs.

Heck, you might even spot a Jennifer Lopez lookalike scouting the pool for her Ben Affleck.

COMO Beach Club


Located in:Canggu

What to expect: The trusted COMO brand entered the beach club scene four years ago in 2018, and they have been serving up their style of bougie beach club experiences since. Admittedly, this beach club is a little more laidback than most, so it's a great family-friendly option if you just want to hang out with your kids and enjoy a wellness break. Tuck into wood-fired grilled dishes as you gaze into the distance that the panoramic view has to offer.

Why we love it:You cannot go wrong with a COMO experience! Known for putting a wellness spin to their guest activities, this beach club takes away the anxieties of having to deal with crowds or your kids for that matter! They have a play space for your little tots, so that you can kick back in peace. Coconuts by the pool? Chic. Coconuts being thrown at you during a kiddy meltdown? Not so much.

Mari Beach Club


Located in: Batu Belig

What to expect: Where most beach clubs offer Balinese art in measured doses through architecture and the occasional smattering of traditional artwork, Mari Beach Club puts Balinese culture in the forefront of partygoers' mind.

The club is built to mirror the land, with an undulating domed roof shaped like Mount Agung and a terrace that takes its tiered look from the island's many rice fields.

Amidst the good times, Balinese dancers will make routine appearances, and the food and drink menu blends Japanese and Mediterranean influences together, spotlighted by fresh local produce.

Why we love it: As mentioned above, the beach club is set apart by the way it works in Balinese culture and heritage - you are in Bali, after all - and it doesn't hold back on this.

Beyond this, the tiered lounge seating automatically makes the breathtaking views of the glistening sea and the golden sunsets the real stars of the place.

This article was first published in Her World Online.

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