Recyclable facial pads you can reuse 1,800 times

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They are not cheap: the facial squares pictured here are from zero-waste grocer Unpackt, and five pieces cost $12 (that’s $2.40 each).

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But their value for money doesn’t come from buying in bulk – it comes from the fact that this produces less waste.

If properly taken care of, each pad can last five years (that’s 0.006 cents per use per year if used daily).

With the exception of nail polish remover, they can be used with all kinds of makeup remover and toner/lotion.

To clean, toss them in a laundry mesh bag into a cold wash cycle, then air dry. Or soak in baking soda, then handwash with mild soap in cold water. 

Here are other ways we can save the earth by kicking these beauty bad habits. 


You've got a metal straw, a reusable coffee cup and you try to minimise the use of plastic bags when you go grocery shopping. So why not apply that go-green movement with your beauty regime?

Whether it's reducing your water consumption or making smarter choices when it comes to buying beauty products, these are five of the bad grooming habits that everyone should quit ASAP.


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If you're recycling your containers, good on you. But you could go one step further by choosing glass next time, as it is infinitely recyclable. Reuse packaging like the empty jars of your body balms as pots for your succulents!

Also, support beauty brands such as LUSH which gives you a free face mask when you bring back five black pots.


Ingredients have a massive impact on the environment. Facial scrubs and beauty products contain plastic microbeads that pollute the sea. You get the same exfoliating effect with a muslin cloth, or products with natural ingredients such as salt or sugar.

Aside from the fact that vegan products will most likely be better for your skin with less harmful chemicals and preservatives, it is more likely that there is sustainable sourcing of ingredients.

The packaging may also be made from recyclable materials, too. So start educating yourself on natural, raw and vegan brands which create non-toxic products made from renewable sources and ethical practices.


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Consider buying makeup with refillable palettes or cushions. Even everyday items such as makeup wipes are the perfect example of modern convenience that have long-term consequences.

It takes years for makeup wipes (and not many are not biodegradable) to breakdown in the landfill. Instead, use a reusable and washable one like the Makeup Eraser.


A running tap wastes six litres per minute. That means if you brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes, you're wasting over 24 litres of water a day. So if you leave the tap or shower running while you wash your face or shave your legs, turn it off!

Also, instead of an indulgent bath, take a quick shower. And you should aim to multi task - soap your body or exfoliate your face while you let your conditioner sink in. The Earth will thank you for it.


Instead of a 10-step Korean skincare routine, think about consolidating and simplifying your beauty products. You don't have to compromise on how good your skin looks, instead try using products that do double duty, such as an exfoliating cleanser.

Many of us are guilty of buying new products before we even finish what we have at home, so imagine if you actually use everything in your beauty cupboard. It's definitely better for the environment and kinder on your wallet.

This story was first published on Her World's November 2019 issue.

This article was first published in Her World Online