Rendang Mama Vegan sells Beyond Meat rendang puffs - the first vegan Malay food in Singapore

PHOTO: Facebook/ Mylkteabreak

You've heard of Beyond Burgers, but what about Beyond Epok-Epok Rendang (rendang puffs)? Vegan Malay food is definitely a first for me.   

It's becoming common to hear people turn vegan, and restaurants in Singapore using Impossible Foods or Beyond Meat as plant-based substitutes for meat dishes. 

As society becomes more conscious about the environmental impact of meat from cows and doing everything to save the Earth, Rendang Mama Vegan is doing its part by shaking up the Malay food scene.

Rendang Mama Vegan is run by Hilmi Hayan (@theveganliftersg) and his mother Mdm Zubaidah (Mama Vegan), who turned vegan for the animals, the planet, and for their health. 

When we asked what inspired them to sell vegan Malay food, Hilmi said 'there is a huge demand for Malay vegan food as there are no authentic ones(cooked by Malays). We do not want to miss this opportunity and take up this challenge'.

Happy Mother’s Day! ❤️🌱 With Love from, Hilmi @theveganliftersg & Mama Vegan

Posted by Rendang Mama Vegan on Sunday, 12 May 2019

He added that collaborating with Beyond Meat is a huge breakthrough for them as they use it as a substitute for beef in Malay dishes.

Rendang Mama Vegan is currently a home-based food delivery service, taking orders on its Facebook page. It aspires to open a physical store one day, and Hilmi quipped that they hope to follow the success of Old Chang Kee.

From its Facebook page, it seems like its Beyond Epok-Epok Rendang is a hot-selling item and they are already fully booked till July.

Although, if you're looking to place an order this July, Rendang Mama Vegan posted in a comment that Beyond Meat is out of stock till mid-July. 

It is now introducing Epok-Epok Rendang Nangka (Jackfruit Rendang puffs) for $1.50 per piece (minimum four pieces to order) on their menu. 

Hey everyone! 👋🏽😊🌱 Long wait for our second item in our menu. Introducing: Epok-Epok Rendang Nangka! 😋🌮🌱 Our Rendang...

Posted by Rendang Mama Vegan on Wednesday, 26 June 2019

The Beyond Epok-Epok Rendang and Epok-Epok Rendang Nangka can be customised according to one's preferences. 

It has an allium-free version which omits the use of ingredients like onions and garlic, and is available in spicy and non-spicy options too, so there's something for everyone.

With the success of Vegan Mama Rendang's epok-epok, Hilmi shared with us that they plan to expand their menu in the near future to include goreng-gorengan and kuehs, or finger food and desserts.

He added, 'we will definitely introduce more Rendang dishes cooked in many different ways and styles', to reflect the brand's name.

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