Review: Argentinian restaurant Bochinche offers a new dining experience at Club Street

Crispy Argentinian Spring Rolls ($5).
PHOTO: Bochinche

Joining the renaissance happening in Singapore's Club Street neighbourhood is Bochinche, making it the Argentinian restaurant's third move since it first opened in Robertson Quay in 2013.

The new location, just a hop away from its previous space on Amoy Street, boasts a fresh new look and overhauled menu featuring influences from Italy, Spain, and the Mediterranean.

PHOTO: Bochinche

Evoking the earthy terroir of Argentina, the interiors feature rich shades of brown while the modern furniture is fun and quirky, uplifting the entire dining area.

The layout is spacious with an open kitchen and grill, from which Head chef Fabrice Mergalet guides his team, which spans almost the entire length of the restaurant.

Crispy Argentinian Spring Rolls ($5). PHOTO: Bochinche

The refreshed menu is mouth-watering from the get-go. Empanadas are a hallmark of South American comfort food, but Bochinche's innovative spin on the Provolone Cheese and Smoked Ham ($5 each) is a revelation.

Each bite of the savoury pie oozes ham and cheese flavoured with confit onion, pimento, and oregano. Alongside the Crispy Argentinian Spring Rolls ($14), you may find yourself filling up on just the nibbles.

The tender, textural chopped pig ear stuffing is surprisingly light, and the sweet, savoury brown miso mayo brings it home.

Burrata ($29). PHOTO: Bochinche

The Burrata ($29) was a pleasant surprise. Bochinche jazzes up the Italian crowd-pleaser with fermented medley tomato, avocado mousse and orange cosmos.

The additional acidity from the fermented fruit is balanced by a different creaminess from the mousse, adding another layer of complexity to the dish.

Alternatively, get meaty with your starters with the Quail ($29) and the Arg prawn ($27). The charcoal-grilled quail is tender, and elevated by the earthy notes of salt crust roasted beetroot and berries.

The latter sees grilled Argentinian prawns atop herbaceous "Bomba Arroz Verde" - a bit like a paella - with diced raw scallop folded in to keep things balanced.

PHOTO: Bochinche

From grass-fed Pampas cows and unique beef cuts to special Asado cooking techniques, Argentinian beef has a reputation for being one of the finest in the world.

On top of their stellar nibbles and starters, Bochinche offers a steakhouse experience with the use of traditional cooking techniques over its wood and charcoal grill.

The combination of cherry, apple and jarrah wood achieves a lightly charred crust and irresistible, smoky aroma that accentuates the natural flavours of the beef.

Vintage Galiciana Striploin Bone – 400g ($140). PHOTO: Bochinche

For a classic cut, look to the wet-aged Ojo de Bife Rib Eye ($65, 300g) that calls it with exceptional tenderness and marbling. Sirloin lovers and those who prefer something leaner can opt for the still-juicy Solomillo ($65, 300g) handpicked from Australia.

If you truly want the Bochinche's best, then try the Vintage Galiciana Striploin Bone ($140, 400g).

Hailing from the Galician region of Spain - where farmers have bred older animals for their deeper, more complex flavours - the cattle are raised in Australia, grazing on pastures for at least five years.

The result? A well-muscled texture and rich, beefy flavour, which is enhanced by dry-ageing for 38 days. With a marbling score of 3+, it hits all the sweet spots.

White Chocolate Cheesecake ($23). PHOTO: Bochinche

Still, have room for sides? You'll find excellent supporting roles in the Roast Cauliflower ($15) with pine nuts, raisins, and pistachio pesto, as well as the Grilled Heritage Heirloom Carrots ($23).

For those with a sweet tooth, White Chocolate Cheesecake ($23) is up your alley - the richness of both chocolate and cheese are tempered with seasonal fruits and rounded off with milk ice cream and crumble.

The Espresso Martini Crème Brulee with Brown Sugar Ice cream ($19) is a more balanced, multi-functional treat that rolls post-dinner coffee, dessert and nightcap all in one.

Bochinche is located at 27 Club St, Singapore 069413, p. +65 6235 4990. Open Monday-Saturday from 12.00pm-10.30pm.

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This article was first published in City Nomads.