On the road to happiness: How this mum found purpose on the road as a delivery rider

On the road to happiness: How this mum found purpose on the road as a delivery rider
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Hop on board as we take a ride through the inspiring journey of a super mum who found her calling on the streets as a Deliveroo driver.

From juggling motherhood to navigating the bustling cityscape, she shares her story of how she discovered purpose and balance on the road. Get ready for a heartwarming tale of resilience, family, and the pursuit of happiness as we follow Mum Charmaine's journey behind the handlebars.

Tell us how you got from being a staff at an F&B company to a Deliveroo driver. What made you decide to change your career?

I decided to switch to become a Deliveroo rider because I realised I needed a job that offered more flexibility, that allows to be there for my kids whenever they need me.

I strongly believe in hands-on parenting and wanted to prioritise being a stable presence for my children, especially during all their important milestones.

After discussing it with my husband, who was already working as a Deliveroo rider, I made the decision to join him at Deliveroo. It was a big leap, but I knew it was the right choice for me and my family. I have been very fortunate to have my husband's support in this decision, who even bought me a bicycle and taught me to cycle!

What are the perks of being a Deliveroo driver?

This change has allowed me to align my work schedule with my family's needs and provided me with the flexibility and balance I was seeking for hands-on parenting, while still being there for the important moments.

One thing I've really appreciated about being a delivery rider has been the opportunity to set my own pace, which means my children remain my top priority while still being able to earn income for my family.

Balancing motherhood with my career has therefore been surprisingly smooth, thanks to this flexibility. I've been able to adjust my schedule without penalties on Deliveroo, should something urgent come up.

Knowing that things are always well-taken care of at home also puts my mind at ease and makes me more efficient in doing the deliveries.

Thus, it has not been a challenge maintaining stability and routine for my children as I can plan and coordinate my work around our daily family schedule.

Mornings are all about getting the kids ready for school and having breakfast together. After which, I head out for the deliveries while they're in school. I make sure to be back in time at 12 pm or 1 pm for lunch prep and to catch up on their day when they get home. Afternoons from 4 to 6 pm are for homework and bonding time, and we always sit down for dinner together around 7.30 pm. Some nights, I would head out for deliveries after dinner while my husband holds down the fort at home.

How did your kids react to your decision to become a Deliveroo driver? And also with you and your husband doing the same work?

Since we made the decision to become Deliveroo riders in order to be there for our children every step of the way, their reaction has been quite positive. While our kids aren't particularly the most expressive, their actions speak volumes.

For instance, they often wait to eat lunch or dinner until both of us are home, showing their appreciation and acceptance.

They also wait eagerly for us to return from deliveries, and sometimes if we're passing through the neighbourhood while on the job to make a delivery, they'd patiently wait at the corridor to wave to us as we pass by. These gestures warm my heart and really show that they're indeed happy and proud of our choice.

Have you encountered any bad experiences being a lady delivery rider?

Though this isn't gender specific, from time to time, strangers may question why I've chosen to be a delivery rider, since it's a more tiring or physically demanding job, and that there are other avenues available as a profession, especially for young people like me.

However, I generally simply let these remarks go, as most don't know my story and journey with Deliveroo, which has contributed immensely to my life.

It's been incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, especially as it allows me to not only bring home income, but more importantly, spend quality time with my sons. And ultimately, that's what matters most to me.

On the flip side, have you encountered any great experiences with your job?

One of the most rewarding aspects of this transition has been to witness my kids grow and develop first-hand. Whether it's key milestones in school, to offering guidance and lending a listening ear, or simply spending quality time together, I've had the privilege of being there for it all.

Creating memories as a family is everything to us. With my husband also working as a Deliveroo rider, we have the flexibility to spend more time together as a family.

Especially when children are young, they ask to spend a lot of time with us, and we're happy to be able to say yes and join them for fun activities. We make sure to incorporate my children's favourite activities into our weekly routine. These include swimming and cycling, enjoying the beach, and playing with friends at the park on weekends.

They've grown up to be such wonderful boys — bright, independent, happy, kind, and I couldn't be prouder of them.

What are your hopes and dreams for your children?

I hope that they come to understand the reasoning behind our parenting decisions, especially when it comes to safeguarding them or establishing boundaries in their lives, to help them navigate whatever challenges the world presents.

My dream is for them to find genuine happiness and revel in the beauty of life. While life can be fraught with stress and challenges, there's also so much joy to be discovered. Additionally, I aspire for them to surpass our achievements, and find joy in their own unique and fulfilling paths. I have full faith in their capacity to carve out their own successes.

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