Rotiboy is opening an outlet at Kinex so you can enjoy their legendary coffee buns without travelling to JB

PHOTO: Instagram/rotiboymalaysia

If you used to frequent Johor Bahru (JB) pre-pandemic, you'll remember the fragrant coffee buns from Rotiboy — one of the first things that you smell once you get past immigration. Many of us used to bring these back to Singapore in bulk but with the borders shut, we sadly haven't been able to do so.

Thankfully, this is about to change because the Malaysian bakery chain will be opening an outlet at Kinex, according to Eatbook

The new store will reportedly be located at the mall's basement one level. However, Rotiboy has yet to confirm when it'll open its doors to the public. 

This actually isn't the bakery chain's first foray into Singapore. Rotiboy, which was founded in 1998 in Penang, opened their first store here in 2004. They had several outlets across our little red dot but eventually left the Singapore market in 2006, leaving us dependent on the JB branches for our coffee bun fix.

AsiaOne has reached out to Rotiboy for more information.