Shell launches all-new carbon-neutral Helix Ultra oils in Singapore

Shell launches all-new carbon-neutral Helix Ultra oils in Singapore
PHOTO: Shell

Shell's new carbon-neutral lubricants will provide both workshops and car owners with a more eco-friendly and sustainable alternative.

Shell has recently announced that it will now offer carbon-neutral Shell Helix Ultra lubricants in Singapore, providing mechanics and consumers with a more sustainable choice of engine motor oil.

On top of being more environmentally friendly, these oils still maintain the high performance and engine protection characteristics that has made Shell Helix Ultra renowned worldwide.

Two variants of the new oil will be available - the Shell Helix Ultra 0W-20 and 0W-40. These are tailored to cater to a wide variety of vehicles.


The company also stated that its global portfolio of nature-based carbon credits will compensate for CO2 emissions from the entire lifecycle of these products. These include the processing of raw materials, packaging, production, distribution, customer use and product end of life.

Shell also actively works with projects around the world that help reduce CO2 emissions, while improving the lives of local communities and protecting biodiversity.

The carbon-neutral Shell Helix Ultra lubricants will be rolled out in more countries such as China, Indonesia, India and Egypt. This is part of a broader commitment by Shell to offer customers carbon-neutral lubricants across a range of products for passenger cars, heavy-duty diesel engines and industrial applications.

To celebrate the launch of the Shell Helix carbon neutral product range, customers who purchase two service packages at participating servicing workshops will receive exclusive Shell Helix mini speakers, specially created with eco-friendly bamboo.

This article was first published in Motorist.

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