The Singapore divorce process: All you need to know

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Gloria James-Civetta & Co have revamped their popular Singapore Divorce Lawyer website. The blog site is a rich library containing over 250 informative articles on the Singapore Divorce Process that will affect couples facing divorce.

The blog site focuses on organising articles into relevant categories; enabling readers access to multiple blog listings in their chosen category, segregated as per the below mentioned categories;

  • The Singapore divorce process
  • Child custody & support issues
  • Spousal support
  • Division of matrimonial assets
  • Divorce strategy
  • Pre & post-divorce issues

If your marriage is in question and either you or your spouse are thinking of initiating the divorce process, you will need to make a series of long-term decisions that will impact you and your family. The Singapore Divorce Lawyer blog can help to inform you about this potential mine-field.

"In this manner, individuals are able to identify issues they may not have been aware of previously" - Gloria James

Post-Divorce Matters

The blog also focuses on Post Divorce issues which is becoming an increasing area of concern for divorced individuals.

Prior to entering into an agreement, parties will have to discuss and reach an agreement on their intentions, respective rights, and obligations during separation/divorce. When parties have reached an agreement, legal expertise and skilled drafting by your divorce lawyer is essential to accurately incorporate parties' agreement in writing.

Problems often arise where couples believe that just because they already have agreed to the fundamental terms of the divorce, getting the cheapest Uncontested Divorce Package is the right approach.

"We are finding that an increasing amount of work is coming from individuals who get into agreements without fully understanding what they are agreeing into, only to later find out at a later stage that the arrangements are not workable" - Gloria James

Divorcing couples need to understand the importance of a properly detailed divorce agreement. An unworkable agreement can bring about all sort of stressful scenarios and wasted legal costs in court applications down the track.

PHOTO: Gloria James-Civetta & Co, Shutterstock

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