Singapore Idol's Bananaman 17 years on: Skyy Sia chats about work, his wife and the craziest DMs he's gotten

Viral Video Stars is a biweekly series where we hunt down viral icons. What's it like to be famous? What have they been up to? We catch up with them to find out all about life after viral fame.

In the 17 years since he first appeared on Singapore Idol, he's been told he's "legendary" and has received droves of fan art. But he didn't make it very far at all.

In fact, Skyy Sia didn't even make it past the auditions.

Then only 17, he showed up to the auditions rocking a watermelon mask topped with a bunch of bananas and sunglasses, earning himself the moniker Bananaman and overnight fame.

Despite his fleeting appearance, his hilarious rendition of Raffi's Bananaphone resulted in him amassing over 2,000 friends on Friendster and receiving bold propositions from eager fans, such an invitation to a menage à trois.

Ever wondered what became of Bananaman? We caught up with the 34-year-old, who spilled about his career, battling the Institute of Technical Education student stigma and his wife's disdain for his Bananaman persona.