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This Singapore 'infurrencer' can shake his butt on cue and has more Instagram followers than you

Fluffy & Famous is a weekly video series where we interview "infurrencers", a term we coin for famous fur kids who aren't like your regular influencers on Instagram.

This week, Oscar the Corgi shows off his huge wardrobe of clothes and what's it like to wear many hats to keep his online business running. It'll pawsitively melt your heart! 

Infurrencer's Profile
  • Name: Oscar, aka Goodest boy
  • Instagram handle: @oscar.thecorgi
  • Number of followers: 20.6k
  • Date of Birth: Aug 14, 2014

Oscar the Welsh Corgi may be a familiar name among the community of Corgi owners in Singapore, that's because he has been invited to pet events and has promoted a couple of brands, just like an Instagram influencer, but cuter.

If you're wondering how famous he is, a friend of mine was able to recognise Oscar from my IG story, even without tagging his handle.  

Oscar's Instagram feed is filled with him in many costumes and, of course, his floofy bottom. We sat down with Jaycee Cai, 29, his hooman owner, to learn more about Oscar and what it takes to be an infurrencer and to run his own online shop.

What made you decide to get Oscar?

I got him from a pet shop when he was just eight months old, he was actually in a cage with his brother. We went down (to the shop) a lot of times and I got attracted to him because he was very calm.


His brother is actually more active but (Oscar) just went to a corner and sploot. It was love at first sight.

Did you already know that he has the potential to become an infurrencer?

When I saw him, I didn't think he has the potential to become an infurrencer because he is too calm, unlike others who are always going outdoors, running and swimming around.

How did you start Oscar on this journey on becoming an infurrencer?

We started out by posting photos about his daily life to share with our friends and family members.

The hashtags actually help a lot, it exposed him internationally. Some of the hashtags I use are #Corgis, followed by #CorgiNation.

What are some of Oscar's special traits?

Oscar knows a lot of basic tricks, but one of his special traits is knowing how to shake his tail on command. He wasn't specially trained to do this trick. When he shakes his tail, I give him a treat and that's how it started.

The other special thing about him is since he was young, he knew how to balance things on his head without us teaching him how to do it, and he remains very calm while we take photos of him.


Tell us about Oscar's huge wardrobe! Which are his favourite outfits?

Oscar has a very big wardrobe, I love to dress him up because he looks very adorable with all his accessories. 

This is his iconic CEO look, which consists of his glasses and tie. You can also see it on his website.


Are there any interesting experiences Oscar has with his followers?

Most of Oscar's fans are from the US, I received a lot of private messages from them, saying that Oscar's photos brighten up their day.

Some of his followers shared that they are suffering from depression and seeing his photos is a way to relieve their depression.

Any advice for people who want to turn their pets into infurrencers?

Just use the basic techniques, which is sharing (their photos) daily and interacting with people who leave a comment.

Plans for Oscar in the future?  

My plan for Oscar is just for him to be happy and healthy. We actually have an online store, the merchandise are exclusively designed by me, so I hope in the near future, we can expand it into a pushcart business.


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