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Singapore marathons go virtual: 7 virtual runs that are worth the $$$

Singapore marathons go virtual: 7 virtual runs that are worth the $$$
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Clearly, a pandemic hasn’t stopped us from running marathons. From Sundown Run to Standard Chartered Marathon, sports events have turned virtual to let us race safely.

If you are looking to kick start your fitness routine ahead of 2021, here are the 7 best virtual run events you can challenge yourself with.

7 best virtual run events in Singapore

Virtual run event Registration fee Goodie bag / medal
Sundown Run $8 Face mask, singlet or T-shirt
Avocado Run $10 Avocado, T-shirt and medal
Wizard of Oz $11.50 to $23 2 overlaying medals
JustMove $14.90 to $193.70 Up to 13 medals and vouchers
MetaSprint $25 to $52 Medal and a freebie of your choice
Marvel Virtual Run $25 to $85 Marvel shirt, drawstring bag and trophy
Mount Fuji Run $40 to $80 Chio Mount Fuji medal and apparel of your choice

Sundown Run


Sundown Marathon is the OG of night runs in Singapore. After being cancelled due to Covid-19, the organizers were quick to organise the replacement Sundown Run

Basically it’s the same night run, just a shorter distance at your own pace.

Participants can choose to run solo or create a team of 2 to 5 persons. Team members need to start running at the same time (although you don’t have to end together).

To take part, just run at least 3km (from 5pm to 7am) in the registered event month.There is no limit as to how many runs you can do. After your run is completed, upload your run/walk data with your preferred tracking app.

Currently, four Sundown Run events are still available for participation — here are the event dates and what freebies you get:

  • December 2020: Face Mask with green stripes
  • January 2021: Yellow Sundown Singlet
  • February 2021: Face Mask with yellow stripes
  • March 2021: Red Sundown T-Shirt 

You can choose to collect your own entitlement or pay $6 for delivery. Alternatively, sign up for AMGD (pay-per-use-meal credit system) and you can get your entitlements delivered for free.

Our advice? Skip the hassle and the delivery fees. If you can run 3km it definitely would not kill to use your feet for collection. 

Avocado Run


This has got to be the cutest run ever!

Avocado Run is organised by both the Central Singapore Community Development Council and Whampoa Community Sports Club.

There will be two runs available for participation — 2km and 5km. 

2km should be fairly easy for most folks who grew up under the NAPFA (National Physical Fitness Award) test. Even the 5km run is pretty low-pressure — even a chao turtle can complete it in under an hour.  

Whether you choose 2km or 5km, registration fee costs $10 per pax. What you get is a T-shirt, finisher medal and avocado. Holy guacamole!

You have to sign up via and submit your run results between 1st December to 31st December. You can easily get your run results using a screenshot of your running/fitness app or photos of your treadmill machine.

Once you have completed the challenge, you can collect your entitlements at Kallang Community Club (10am to 6pm) from the period of Jan 2 to 10, 2021. 

Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz run has come up with a fanciful storyline where you will have to collect 2 medallions (i.e. the medals) and unlock their power to defeat the evil witch. 

Yup, that means you need to participate in 2 runs.

The first run happens from Feb 5 to 7, 2021 (just before Chinese New Year) and the second one from Feb 19 to 21, 2021 (just after).

So take it as a chance to shed off those pineapple tarts. 

There are four distances available for participants to choose — 3km, 5km, 10km and 21km. 

Here’s how you can sign up for the race:

  • Go to and create your profile 
  • Go to your “Profile” and scroll down to “Joined Events”
  • Once the event is open a “Submit” button will appear for you to submit your results.

Results from 16 apps are accepted so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. 

Whichever distance you pick, the price is at $11.50 per race. So if you intend to get the two chio medals (which will have your name + distance completed), it’ll cost $23 in total. Once you have completed the race, the medals will be delivered to your home for free by SingPost.

Take note that there is no race goodie bag. Race tees are sold separately at $14.90 when you sign up.



Taking a “Singapoliday” sounds great, but there is just a group of us who really just want to skip the tourist traps and go off the beaten path. 

JustMove hits the spot with 13 challenges (and 13 medals to collect). Each challenge covers a specific route, such as the Rail Corridor and Labrador Park. Check the site to see which routes are available.

Here’s how you can make your run valid: 

  • Sign up on
  • Choose your route/s
  • Switch on your GPS for map and distance covered.
  • Cover a minimum of 2.5km for each race at respective checkpoints
  • Login to your account on and upload the screenshot and/or GPX files for verifications.

Each challenge costs about $14.90. You get an additional 5per cent off if you are a PAssion card member.

Sign up for 5 challenges to get another 5per cent off and 10 challenges to get 10 per cent off. If you’re some crazy chiongster who signs up for all 13 runs, it’ll cost $193.70.

You will need to complete the challenge by Dec 31, 2020. All entitlements will be shipped out during the first week of calendar month after you upload your result. Aside from the 13 medals, participants will also receive e-certificate and vouchers from sponsors. 



If you’re curious about triathlons but not sure if your heart can take it, the 2021 MetaSprint series is a way for you to “test water”.

Pick from 3 types of races:

  • Aquathlon (swim) is happening at Sentosa from January 23 to 24, 2021
  • Duathlon (bike + run) will be held at Punggol from February 20 to 21, 2021
  • Triathlon (swim + bike + run) will be completed at Changi beach from March 26 to 28, 2021

Now because multiple events are happening on the event day, here’s what you need to take note of:

  • Reserve a race time slot you can only start the race based on the timing you booked.
  • The MetaSprint app is required to track your timing and participation and downloads will only be available 3 days before the race.
  • On the event day, all you need to do is start the racing app, listen to starting orders and audio-guide on the course to take.

Registration is currently still open and with events costing between $39 to $52. If you don’t want to swim or cycle, you have the option to just run for $25. Participants will receive a medal, e-certificate and freebie. 

Here’s what makes the freebies system a little bit more interesting. With every signup, you will receive points known as MetaMiles. You can then use the MetaMiles to redeem items that you like. 

All digital races entitle you to 5 MetaMiles — that means you can redeem either a string bag or water bottle or luggage tag. It seems like they might be adding more stuff but take note that redemption will only happen from January 15, 2021 onwards.

And in the event Covid-19 makes a comeback, take comfort in knowing that you’ll get a 100 per cent refund.  

Marvel Virtual Run


Heads up Marvel fans, this run is for you!

The first-ever Marvel Virtual Run has landed in Singapore — all you need to do is to complete your distance from Jan 1st, 2021 to April 15th 2021.

Here’s how you can register and take part in the race:

  • Register for on MARVEL Content Hub or on the MOVE by LIV3LY app
  • Complete the required distance anywhere and anytime within the clock-in period
  • Use the MOVE app or any integrated running apps to track your run.
  • If you are using your running tracker, sync the data to the MOVE by LIV3LY app
  • Take a screenshot and submit your workouts on the MARVEL Virtual Run workout submission portal

Race fees range from $25 to $85. For 25km, you have the option to complete it with a team of 2 or 3. 

If you are taking the challenge as a team, you need to use a buddy code (sent via email) to register together. Then you have to collectively hit 25km and submit the results together. 

Upon completion of the race, the finisher entitlements will be delivered to your mailing address within 7 to 30 days. For teams, the entitlements will be delivered to the leader participant.

Our suggestion is to complete 5km on your own because it’s the cheapest deal and you don’t have to worry about our burdensome friends not pulling their weight. Go #teamsolo!

Mount Fuji Virtual Challenge

We can’t fly to Japan but you can always pretend to be there — all you need is a little bit of imagination. 

Check out Conqueror’s Mount Fuji Virtual Challenge where you pretend to run, walk or cycle up Fujisan (74km) using your neighbourhood route. 

The app will not just help you track your distance but also provide you a virtual view of Mount Fuji and receive custom virtual postcards once you hit certain milestones. For every 20per cent of the challenge you complete, the organizers will plant a tree. 

You can enter your choice of activity manually or sync from your fitness tracker or smartwatch.

It cost about SGD40 for participation and medal and an additional SGD40 (total cost is SGD80) to get the apparel of your choice. The current event is ongoing so you don’t have to worry about completing 74km within a short period of time. 

The downside to this challenge? We’re not sure if SGD40 for a shirt is really worth the money…

Are virtual runs worth the money?

Virtual runs are definitely cheaper and more convenient than regular marathons. Participants don’t have to wake up at 4am and cab down to race track. 

And for those who are looking to get back into fitness, it’s a little less daunting to complete the challenges. There’s no one around to judge your lack of fitness.

As a bonus, you can even sign up for overseas virtual runs without flying there. Talk about convenience…

But let’s be honest, virtual runs lack the motivation of a real event with huge crowds running together. And although real runs were more expensive to sign up for, the bigger sponsors also meant better goodie bags.

All in all, it really depends on what works best for you. But with Covid-19 still looming around, it looks like virtual runs are going to be around for a while.

This article was first published in MoneySmart.

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