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Singapore 'so safe' that foreigners use iPhones to chope table, says local influencer

Singapore 'so safe' that foreigners use iPhones to chope table, says local influencer
PHOTO: Screengrab from TikTok/Glenn.goh

Is this yet another test to see how safe Singapore really is?

Two foreigners put their faith in humanity when they left their iPhones on the table at a cafe here in Singapore and walked away to place their orders at the counter.

The act was observed by local content creator and fashion influencer, Glenn Goh.

Glenn, who stated that he was at a Starbucks in PLQ mall, posted a clip of the two phones laid out on the empty table.

In the caption to the video, he wrote: "Singapore is so safe that the two Koreans just left their phones to chope the tables instead of tissue."


Honestly we're not sure if Glenn, or anyone else, should be all that surprised anymore.

After all, phones, laptops and other precious valuables have been identified as items utilised by Singaporeans (and Japanese) to 'chope' seats in public spaces.

Such valuables apparently also include babies.

Whatever happened to using plain ol' tissue paper packets?

Glenn noted in comments that the pair had used not one, but two iPhones — probably worth around $2,000 combined — to reserve the table.

Weird flex? Hardly.

It could simply be that South Korea is just as safe as Singapore, which accounts for their (false) sense of security.

One commenter who shared that she lives in Korea said it's a "common sight" there.

Another described how he had left his phone in an airport lounge in Korea and it was still there after 20 minutes.

But take it from some others that it could just be pure luck.

According to an anecdote shared, one poor dude got his bag thrown into the dustbin by a "Karen" when he left his seat to go to the toilet.

Asked if he had helped the pair of Koreans guard their phones, Glenn joked, "Check Carousell."

Besides potentially losing your phone (an important lifeline these days), one commenter also pointed out a drawback to leaving your phones behind: "Then how do you payWave?"

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