Singaporean artist draws handy guide to Mao Shan Wang & other popular durian varieties

Ever wondered about the differences between durian varieties and their flavour profiles? 

A Singapore artist, who goes by the alias Fuulin Art, has designed a cute and handy infographic about the various types of durian.

Riding on the wave of the recent durian season, the infographic features eight popular cultivars and their characteristics. 

The durian flesh is illustrated to reflect the cultivar's name.

For instance, Mao Shan Wang (its literal translation from Chinese being 'cat mountain king') is depicted as two cats wearing a crown, cosying up in a durian husk. 

These eight varieties are widely sold at durian stalls. Next time you can't decide on which durian to buy, whip out this handy infographic to find a cultivar that's suited to your palate.

Which type of durian is your favourite? Mine is Mao Shan Wang 🐱🗻👑

Posted by Fuulin Art on Friday, August 9, 2019

Everyone's favourite, including the artist's, is Mao Shan Wang. It is known to have a bitter-sweet taste and its flesh is creamy with a sticky mouth-feel that will leave one wanting for more.

For something that's sweet and mild in taste, the artist suggests introducing D13 to beginners trying out the fruit for the first time. 

The artist has also listed several purported health benefits to consuming the king of fruits. These include reducing constipation and bloating, relief from insomnia and maintaining cardiovascular health, claims which have been supported by some medical professionals.

Additionally, nutrition information obtained from the Health Promotion Board also point out that durian contains the amino acid tryptophan which induces feelings of happiness, and it is also a libido-boosting food.

But as the saying goes, "too much of a good thing is never good", so be careful not to overindulge while you make the most of the latest durian season.