Singaporean artist imagines MRT as a mode of transportation in space

PHOTO: Facebook/ SezerSean

For most Singaporeans, travelling on the Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) is part and parcel of our daily lives and we spend an hour or two getting from one place to another. 

Instead of spacing out like I always do on my commutes, Singaporean artist SezerSean imagines the rides on MRT to be intergalactic space adventures.

Who knows, maybe one day travelling to space will be as easy as tapping in with our EZ-Link cards.

In SezerSean's latest series titled 'MRT Train Guide to the Galaxy', the artist uses Photoshop to cleverly manipulate familiar scenes of MRT stations and train cabins. 

Novena Mrt. North South Line Special thanks to Dalvin Chandran and Vengadesh Pandian for advice on the tamil translations

Posted by SezerSean on Thursday, June 13, 2019

In this piece, Novena station is transformed into Mars. The tunnel is removed and the red planet is on full display behind the glass doors.

Imagine all the Instagrammable spots you'll pass by on your way to work!

Props to SezerSean for nailing the details of the MRT signs, he even got his friends to help with the Tamil translation of 'Mars'.

Inter-Galatic farms provide food and oxygen below our feet. The general ligthing is also able to provide adequate...

Posted by SezerSean on Thursday, June 13, 2019

Besides being a mode of transportation in space, the MRT train cabin doubles up as a space farm.

SezerSean explained in his Facebook caption: "(Intergalatic) farms provide food and oxygen below our feet. The general (lighting) is also able to provide adequate lighting to the plants."

If there are farms in the cabins, we can't help but wonder if the ban of food on the MRT will be lifted in space. Perhaps, a farm-to-table space restaurant in future to have meals in between travels?

If you're thinking of having a quick suntanning session before reaching your next destination, the artist's reimagination of the East-West line at Tuas Link station will allow you to do just that.

The train seats are longer than usual, turning them into sunbeds to lie on. I can totally see myself sprawling out on the seat with a book in hand.  

When i was 8 i wanted to be an astronaut and explore the cosmos. Grew up and ended up sitting in front of a desk. But...

Posted by SezerSean on Thursday, June 13, 2019

SezerSean shares that his childhood ambition was to become an astronaut to explore space. Although that didn't happen, he's still able to do it with his nifty photo manipulation skills.

The concept of travelling to space this easily is far-fetched, but these photos have injected fun and creativity into something as mundane as travelling on the MRT. I'll be tapping into my own imaginations next time I'm taking the MRT to work. 

SezerSean has previously depicted a snowy Singapore in winter and submerged underwater. I can't wait to see what other alternate universes SezerSean will put Singapore in next.