Skills Singaporeans learned in 2020

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2020 might have disrupted our lives, but it didn’t stop us from learning new skills, especially since we were largely stuck at home, island-bound.

We learned how to hold weddings over Zoom, how to be introverts during Phase 1, and how to keep our glasses from fogging up while wearing a mask.

We learned how to make kombucha, sourdough bread, and blackout brownies. And those of us who were especially enterprising even started selling our baked goods over Instagram.

Here are some of the most memorable hobbies, coping skills, and lifehacks we picked up amidst the restlessness and boredom, as well as how useful they’ll be once we leave 2020 and enter into Phase 3:

Whisking eggs and coffee into oblivion:

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How we learned it: Making dalgona coffee, cloud bread, and Japanese soufflé pancakes. 

Likelihood of using this skill in 2021: Nil, because if there’s a lesson we learned from the fluffy food trend, it’s to invest in a hand mixer. 

Managing long distance relationships:

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How we learned it: Whether you and your boo were separated by national borders due to travel restrictions, or were estranged for three months during the circuit breaker, 2020 gave us all a taste of long-distance relationships.

The hardest part is that most of us weren’t prepared to enter into one. And couples who live in different countries have to deal with indefinite separation.

Likelihood of using this skill in 2021: For those with SOs living abroad, highly likely. But here’s hoping for many happy reunions before 2021 is over.

Having to tahan your partner’s annoying habits 24/7

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How we learned it: WFH. Few things test a relationship like having to work from home with only one study room.

Likelihood of using this skill in 2021: Provided that your relationship made it through the year, moderately likely, since many offices are considering flexible arrangements even beyond Phase 2.

Making your own hand sanitiser

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How we learned it: Through necessity, after Phase 1 panic-buying made it the hottest commodity since toilet paper. And let’s not forget all the volunteer groups who made their own hand sanitiser amidst the shortages.

Likelihood of using this skill in 2021: Almost zero, since making your own isn’t as simple as it sounds.

Growing plants

How we learned it: Thanks in part to houseplant influencers, everyone became a “plant mum” and “plant dad” in 2020.

Likelihood of using this skill in 2021: Any plant parent will tell you that plants are a commitment, not just an accessory, so if you bought a monstera in 2020 then you’re in it for life.  

Logging onto a video conference without making it obvious that we’d just rolled out of bed:

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How we learned it: Staying up till the wee hours playing Animal Crossing and Among Us the night before a 9.30 am meeting.

Likelihood of using this skill in 2021: We’ll be doing this until we can retire. Thank goodness for anti-red eyedrops and beauty cam filters.

TikTok dances

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How we learned it: Out of boredom during Phase 1.

Likelihood of using this skill in 2021: We might have eschewed TikTok as a silly trend for the youths, but now we’re addicted so RIP to all the other hobbies we picked up during CB.

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