Skincare rules and daily routines from Porcelain founder, Pauline Ng

Skincare rules and daily routines from Porcelain founder, Pauline Ng
Porcelain's founder, Pauline Ng shares her skincare rules and daily skin routine.
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If you are a skincare enthusiast , you would definitely have heard that Porcelain’s facial s are the best in town – with their famously long deep-cleansing pore extraction sessions.

A trip to Porcelain will not only earn you some skincare cred and social status bragging rights (it’s over $400 per session), facial goers claim that it will give you smoother, radiant, and healthier skin.

Why not learn from the best, right? We spoke to Pauline Ng, founder of Porcelain, and walked away with some skincare rules (less is more), skincare advice she wished she could give her younger self, and her morning and night skincare routine.

Have a foundation-free day

SWW: What are your favourite beauty secrets or tips?

Pauline Ng, Founder of Porcelain: Go foundation-free and allow your skin to breathe – less is more. Exfoliate and mask at home at least once a week if you don’t have time for a facial. Don’t over-do it with the lasers and peels, they are great but if over-done can cause skin sensitivity.

Use a face sanitiser

SWW: What’s your go-to product or trick for fixing a skin disaster?

Pauline Ng, Founder of Porcelain: I have recently been experiencing maskne. To help calm the inflammation throughout the day, I always reach for the Porcelain Skin Protecting Sanitiser ($20).

Its plant-based, alcohol-free formulation works wonders to reduce the inflammation and keep my skin (and mask) clean. I also use it on my hands as a moisturising sanitiser – replacing my hand cream.

For sensitivity, tiredness, dehydration, breakouts, my go-to product would be the Bio-Cellulose Mask ($35) always works wonders.

How to treat hyperpigmentation

SWW: What do you do about hyperpigmentation or acne scars?

Pauline Ng, Founder of Porcelain: Hyperpigmentation and acne scars are skin issues that require more care and consistency to effectively minimise their appearance. Sun protection is 101, a lot of hyperpigmentation issues could be reduced/mitigated by sun protection.

Glycolic Toner ($80) and Natural Skin Refiner ($65) help to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the renewal of new skin cells to brighten the skin tone. Regular exfoliation also minimises breakouts and improve the appearance of acne scars.

In-spa treatments like CryoZap ($458) that incorporate medi-technology to lighten hyperpigmentation and encourage collagen and elastin production to help minimise the appearance of acne scars.

The importance of self-care

SWW: What was your relationship with beauty like 10 years ago and what is it like now? How has it changed over the years?

Pauline Ng, Founder of Porcelain: It has deepened significantly. Understanding the complexities of how the skin changes as we journey through life has and personally going through it has been the greatest reward.

The most important thing I’ve uncovered is that it is so important to start taking care of yourself when you are younger – your older self will thank you for it.

Do not trial and error

SWW: A piece of beauty advice you’d share with your younger self?

Pauline Ng, Founder of Porcelain: Don’t use your skin as a testing ground – but it is difficult as I want to be able to sell things which I personally have tested.

Morning skincare routine

SWW: What’s your morning skincare routine like?

Pauline Ng, Founder of Porcelain: I have dry and sensitive skin hence the products that I choose to use are curated to address these key skin concerns. The first step to my morning skincare routine always begins with a refreshing cleanse.

I use Porcelain’s Hydro Cleanser ($25). For toning, I would spritz the Deep Hydrating Lotion ($25). This is followed by application of HA+ Hydrating Serum ($198) layered with pH Balancing Essence ($35).

Finally, I apply a generous amount of Deep Recovery Gel ($48) or the Soothing Gel (mixed together) as a moisturiser and the Skin Perfecting Moisturiser SPF 30 ($105) to end off my morning routine. A definite must-have for your daily routine!

Mid-day skincare

SWW: Any mid-day perk-me-ups for the skin?

Pauline Ng, Founder of Porcelain: I spend most of my time in an air-conditioned room, so the Deep Hydrating Lotion ($25) is a must-have for me. Not only does it give my skin a refreshing layer of hydration, but its light rose scent also never fails to perk me up!

Night skincare routine

SWW: What about your night skincare routine – and any wind-down wellness rituals?

Pauline Ng, Founder of Porcelain: The first step to my nightly skincare routine always begins with double-cleansing. It’s a staple step regardless of if I have makeup on or not. I use Porcelain’s Pre-Cleansing Milk ($25) followed by Hydro Cleanser ($25).

For toning, I would apply Glycolic Toner ($80) on cotton pads to help revive my skin’s radiance. This is followed by application of HA+ Hydrating Serum ($198) layered with pH Balancing Essence ($35).

Finally, I apply a generous amount of Deep Recovery Gel ($48) mixed with Botanical Soothing Gel ($48) on my entire face and Hydraclear Gel ($48) on my T-Zone to rebalance its pH.

Once a week, or whenever my skin is feeling stressed, I’d do a gentle exfoliation with our Natural Skin Refiner ($65) and rehydrate with our Bio-Cellulose Mask ($35).

As for wellness rituals, I try to listen to some music and read a book if possible. Sometimes, I start my day slow, like taking my time to drink my breakfast coffee. I also try to eat lunches on my own at least once a week so I could just space out.

These things don’t take much time, and you have to do them anyway, so it doesn’t really affect my productivity or work hours, but it keeps my mind clear and calm.

This article was first published in The Singapore Women's Weekly.

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