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Snacc Attacc: We try tteokbokki flavoured nuts, ramyeon potato chips and other interesting Korean snacks

Snacc Attacc is a bi-weekly video series where we try out different snacks and let you know if it’s worth "snacc-(a)ttacking".

This week, we ride on the K-craze and give Korean snacks a try to find out which one will make us go "masisseoyo!" (delicious).

The Korean wave hit us years back and it's not about to slow down anytime soon. First, it was the K-pop songs that took over our playlist, then we were sobbing over heartbreaking K-dramas.

If you're still chasing the latest K-dramas and drooling over your favourite on-screen oppa (big brother) or noona (big sister), we have just the right Korean snacks to munch on to complete the experience. 

Tteokbokki (rice cake) is one of my favourite Korean dishes, I'll never fail to order it when I'm having Korean food. To know that it's now available as a snack in a cup makes me so happy because I can eat it whenever I'm feeling peckish. 

My only gripe is that the Yopokki Cheese Topokki ($2.50) has to be popped into the microwave, so it's not exactly a grab-and-go snack. But this also allows you to control the softness of the rice cake by leaving it in the microwave for a longer or shorter time.   

The sauce tastes a little bit like instant noodle seasoning, but it can be easily overlooked since the cheese doesn't taste cheap. 

Ramyeon is another staple in Korean food and the Nongshim brand has been my go-to for cup noodles.

The Nongshim Potato Chips Yukgaejang Ramen Flavour ($2.40), however, tasted nothing like the seasoning from the noodles and were just like regular potato chips.  

Watch the video to find out which is our favourite Korean snack, and let us know if there are other snacks to try next!

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