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Snack attack: Influencer Miki Rai is in Singapore and picks odd choice for first meal

Snack attack: Influencer Miki Rai is in Singapore and picks odd choice for first meal
PHOTO: Screengrabs/TikTok/Mikiraiofficial

The first meal after landing in a new country can be an exciting prospect.

While some go big, others (quite literally) go home.

American influencer and nurse Miki Rai arrived on our shores, along with her husband Kevin, and the couple decided to have their first Singapore meal at their hotel.

On Thursday (March 22), she shared a 36-second clip on TikTok on what they tucked into.


While others might make their way to a food court or hawker centre, the couple chose to stay in bed and have hotel snacks for their first meal.

"You know we can order food right?" Kevin asked.

Miki responded by saying that they were tired and just "a little hungry", so hotel snacks would suffice.

The first thing on the menu was Singapore Laksa Potato Chips.

These savoury crinkle-cut chips, based on one of our favourite local hawker dishes, seem to hit all the right spots as Miki rated the mildly spicy crisps a nine out of 10. 

Next up is a box of "Singapore's favourite chocolate", according to Miki at least.

In case you're left wondering which brand of chocolates she might be referring to, it's actually Awfully Chocolate.

The pair tucked into a box of their artisanal chocolate truffles which contains flavours such as dark chocolate, champagne, hazelnut, double espresso, caramel brittle and rum & raisin. 

After trying the sinful treat, it was Kevin's turn to rate and he gave it the thumbs-up.

"Wow, it's very rich. An 8.7 out of 10," he said.

Miki is based in Seattle, Washington and graduated from the University of California in 2018. 

She's been working as a registered nurse ever since. 

In the comments section, the 26-year-old influencer mentioned that details for her meet and greet will be announced soon.

It is likely to be held on the late afternoon or evening of March 26. 

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