SP Group and Surbana Jurong to create Southeast Asia’s largest EV charging hub

SP Group and Surbana Jurong to create Southeast Asia’s largest EV charging hub
Artist’s impression of the Surbana Jurong Campus.
PHOTO: Safdie Surbana Jurong

SINGAPORE - In another milestone on the road to electrification, Singapore will see what is likely to be Southeast Asia’s largest, single-destination electric vehicle (EV) charging hub. 

Surbana Jurong, the government-owned public infrastructure consultancy company, has signed an agreement with utilities/energy provider SP Group to turn its upcoming campus into a charging hub featuring the largest number of charge points in Singapore, and possibly the region. 

The new Surbana Jurong Campus, which is currently under construction and will be located at 38 CleanTech Loop 636741, will see nine charge points to start with. This will be increased to 36 charge points within the next year-and-a-half. 

The two entities have also agreed to ramp up the number of charge points ‘in tandem with market demand for EVs’, which means the campus could have as many as 250 EV charge points/parking lots in the future. 

Mr Wong Heang Fine, Group CEO, Surbana Jurong said in an official statement, “In designing our new home, we are committed to playing our part to achieve the Singapore Green Plan. Providing electric vehicle charging points is one step to help drivers shift from internal combustion engines to more sustainable vehicles.” 


We show you how to charge an EV here – including using the SP Group charger via the app.

Group CEO of SP Group, Mr Stanley Huang, said, “We aim to accelerate the adoption of electro‐mobility in Singapore to support the nation’s net‐zero emissions goal. Establishing an extensive, accessible, convenient and reliable EV charging network and charging experience will provide confidence for the transition to take place at scale. We are pleased to partner SJ as we expand our charging network and solutions to meet demand as well as lifestyle habits of EV drivers.”

The Surbana Jurong Campus is a 68,915 square metre (approx. 742,000 square foot) facility that will be the new headquarters of the company and is meant to reflect plenty of eco-consciousness in its design and execution.

This includes 300 megawatts of solar panels, the use of natural light, and green area replacement techniques.


It has also been designed to meet the Building and Construction Authority’s (BCA) Green Mark Platinum (Super Low Energy) building certification. 

SP Group has been a trailblazer for EVs here. Currently, it has one of the widest EV charge networks in Singapore, with 525 charge points located across the island.

The group was the first to roll out publicly-available DC fast chargers here, and these comprise 30 percent of the entire SP network.

Even before the announcement of the Singapore Green Plan 2030, SP Group had already pledged to expand its EV charge network considerably.

This article was first published in CarBuyer.

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