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Stay home: 6 only-child activities to do at home

Stay home: 6 only-child activities to do at home
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In times of the Covid-19 pandemic, many cities are under lockdown, professionals are working from home, kids are staying indoors after school closures and people are maintaining social distancing.

Life has literally come to a standstill for many people who enjoy socialising or going out to rejuvenate themselves. Most people in coronavirus affected areas are stuck inside their houses with nothing exciting to look forward to.

This kind of isolated lifestyle is not only boring but also frustrating, especially for children who are solo kid of their parents and have no sibling/friend to play with.

All children expect the time and attention of their parents. Even more so when the kid is the only child and does not have siblings to hang out with.

Since most parents are working from home these days and kids are not allowed to play outside, it is only natural for your solo kid to seek your company all day.

In such circumstances, working from home can become really challenging as it is not easy to entertain your kid and be productive at work at the same time. So what can you do about it?

Here are some of the only-child activities that can save the day for many such parents.

Pretend play

Pretend play is a wonderful way to keep solo kids busy and entertained. Young children are very imaginative and they love playing games where they get to act like adults.

These curious and impressionable minds closely observe the people around them and then try to impersonate these people in their own innocent ways. So, encourage your child to be creative by providing toys like a kitchen set, doctor set, doll house, toy car, etc.

Let your kid become a teacher or a doctor, treating her doll-patients or even you! Encourage your kid to cook delicious imaginary ‘dishes’ in her tiny kitchen or host a tea party for her dolls.

Let your child drive around in his toy car to go to ‘office’ or ‘buy’ groceries. Such pretend games are not only fun, but also keep kids occupied for a long time.

Puzzles and memory games

Puzzles or memory games is another only-child activity that will entertain your child and boost his/her problem-solving capabilities.

Buy a couple of memory games and puzzles for your kid that are appropriate for his/her age. Encourage your child to solve these puzzles in limited time spans.

You can also reward them for finishing the puzzles within the given time-frame. This way, they will be engaged in a challenging but constructive activity that will only make their mind sharper, a win-win situation for both parents and kids.

Drawing and colouring

Young kids are inherently creative and like to express their thoughts in the form of drawings and paintings. Promote this creative aspect of your child’s personality by providing him/her with beautiful colouring books, crayons, drawing sheets and other supplies.

Let your child unleash the artist inside him/her. Drawing and colouring are not only fun and engaging, but also therapeutic for a lot of people. So, while you are working, your kid can sit across you and draw stuff that inspire him/her.

DIY craft

This is another creative activity to keep your kid busy and amused. There are plenty of craft ideas on the internet that your kid can put together.

Choose some easy craft projects for your child that do not require your supervision. Give a briefing on the project, provide the necessary materials and let your kid do the rest.

The craft will keep your child engrossed while you work and help him/her refine his/her artistic skills.


Reading is an excellent habit that can be developed at a young age and what better time to inculcate this habit than now? Since, you are working from home, you can encourage your kid to pick up a story book that is fascinating and appropriate for your child’s age.

Initially you can help your child to read and build an interest. Once the child starts enjoying the book, he/she will automatically develop a liking for books and reading in general.

Even if your child is too young to read, you can provide him/her picture books that will intrigue the child’s inquisitive mind and keep him/her engrossed.

This is great opportunity to inculcate a habit in your child that will be beneficial for the rest of his/her life.

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Music and dance

Music and dancing are some of the most fun only-child activities that will keep your kid happy and upbeat during stay-home period. Music and dancing can be therapeutic in these difficult times.

Indulge in some good music and shake a leg with your little one to refresh your mind and uplift your spirit. Dancing is also a good exercise that will compensate for your lack of movement due to quarantine.

While staying at home amid a pandemic doesn’t sound very exciting, it need not be boring and monotonous either. There are a number of activities to take up and new skills to learn that can make your quarantine period fulfilling.

Make the most of this period by engaging your kid with the above only-child activities that will make them happy as well as encourage them to grow into better individuals.

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This article was first published in theAsianparent.

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