'Still learning to accept my new body': Influencer Mongabong announces her pregnancy

'Still learning to accept my new body': Influencer Mongabong announces her pregnancy
PHOTO: Instagram/Mongabong

Sharing life's milestones go beyond family and friends for Yeoh Mong Chin, more commonly known as Mongabong.

Last Saturday (July 23), the local influencer announced to her followers on Instagram that she and her husband Matt Lim are expecting their first child.

The 28-year-old shared that she has been trying her best to keep this under wraps over the last three months, and admitted that this secret has been the "toughest to hide".


Look! It's a bun in the oven 

In a YouTube video posted on July 25, Mong Chin said she actually took a pregnancy test way back on April 28 and to her disappointment, the results came back negative.

She continued to "feel weird" and another pregnancy test on May 9 revealed that she was indeed carrying a little baby.

The video also showed Mong Chin in disbelief as she was faced with a positive result.

Later that evening, she put together a plan to surprise Matt involving some actual buns in their oven. 

First, she had to painstakingly lure him out to the kitchen in order for the surprise to work. 

She then got Matt to open the oven doors, revealing the bun and positive pregnancy test kits she had placed in the oven.

Matt did not take long to put two and two together as he beamed, asking his wife if this was real.

"There's a bun in the oven!" he said with glee. She nodded and laughed along.

The soon-to-be mother also announced that the baby is coming next January.

An unexpected promotion to grandparents

The couple also had several pregnancy reveals lined up for their friends and family. 

First off, they felt like Father's Day was the perfect opportunity to share this wonderful news with their parents.

They ordered pinata cakes, which their dads broke into with hammers. 

Among the sweets in the pinata cake was a sonogram with a note: "The best dad gets promoted to grandpa".

This had both sets of parents completely shocked and overjoyed. 

Over the last two months, Mong Chin also documented the reactions of her friends, colleagues and ex-interns to her pregnancy news. 

Squealing out loud, be it in a private or public setting, was a common theme.

Dealing with changes in her body

In between the smiles and celebrations, Mong Chin revealed how pregnancy isn't always smooth sailing.

Morning sickness has been a challenge, with the influencer claiming that she's got "the brunt of it". Nevertheless, she's looking on the bright side. 

"Happy because it has been proven that preggies (pregnant women) who experience bad morning sickness have lower risks of miscarriage!" she wrote in an Instagram Story.

In a separate Instagram Story, Mong Chin showed off her belly and mentioned that she is "still learning to accept" her new body.

She also opened up about her polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a condition where the ovaries produce an abnormal amount of androgens, which are male sex hormones that are usually present in women in small amounts, according to John Hopkins Medicine.

Women with PCOS often have problems getting pregnant so it is understandable that she finds her pregnancy "so surreal".

As mentioned, many of the couple's loved ones were stunned upon hearing the news. If you're up for some screams (and possibly tears), below is a compilation of their reactions to the news.


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