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Super-sized me: Famous JB zi char restaurant Shan Ming opens Singapore outlet, has jumbo seafood platter and 30% opening discount

Super-sized me: Famous JB zi char restaurant Shan Ming opens Singapore outlet, has jumbo seafood platter and 30% opening discount
Er Ge Seafood is the local outlet of famous JB zi char place Shan Ming which serves a giant seafood platter.
PHOTO: Facebook/ShanMingImpianEmas

There is no denying that the food in Johor Bahru (JB) is good. 

You only need to look at the crazy traffic jams at the Causeway over the weekend for proof.

So thank the stars that one of JB's finest zi char eateries Shan Ming is laying roots in Singapore, and they are bringing everything we love about their menu with them.

Enter their local outlet, Er Ge Seafood.

Opened in October, the zi char restaurant is helmed by Chef Lun – a seasoned veteran and Shan Ming icon – and prides itself on their freshly caught seafood and even has their own fishing boats!

To entice local diners, Er Ge Seafood is offering a 30 per cent discount on their wild caught fish till the end of November.

The star of the show will no doubt be their JB-styled giant seafood platter - featuring 10 different dishes - that showcases Chef Lun's heirloom family recipes and 20 years of experience.

Dig into a 10-pax feast featuring the likes of shark fin soup with abalone and crab meat, salted egg crabs, garlic pepper scallops and Pontian wild king prawns to name a few dishes.

The price of this jumbo seafood feast? A very reasonable $788.80.

Do note that you'll have to book this three day in advance, and that you can add an extra pax for $78.80.

Another menu item not to be missed has to be the curry fish head ($28).

Not content with bringing their own menu, Er Ge Seafood have decided to up their food game by bringing JB’s legendary Kam Long Ah Zai curry fish head over to Singaporeans.

This specialty dish is served in a claypot with either red snapper or ang go li fish head (your choice of course) and drenched in a rich curry gravy topped with assorted vegetables and tau pok.

So how does the food stack up to the local taste test?

So far, it seems like it's all thumbs up.

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A quick look at their Facebook reviews reveals that there has been no compromise in Er Ge Seafood's renowned zi char flavours or fresh seafood quality.

Many netizens praised their portion size and seafood freshness while highlighting the salted egg squid and fish curry.

One netizen was so won over by the food that she wrote in her review, "The only regret is ordering too little, food not enough as it's too [delicious]".

Address: 50 Gambas Crescent #01-01, Singapore 757022
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday, 11am – 3pm and 5pm – 10pm
Contact: 81206933

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