Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao opens new bubble tea shop in Singapore, location is currently a secret

PHOTO: Instagram/attea1987sg

We Singaporeans have never gotten over our love for bubble tea, as evident from the mad rush for it last year during the circuit breaker (it has almost been a year)!

So, many of you would probably be stoked to know that another bubble tea brand called AtTea — which is from Taiwan — will be gracing our F&B scene very soon.

The brand is actually owned by 34-year-old Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao who opened his very first shop in Ximending, Taipei last May. Due to its overwhelming popularity, he opened eight more outlets in less than a year and now, he plans to have one in Singapore too.

According to a post on Instagram, AtTea is more than just a business to Jam. He did so to provide job opportunities to people who have been affected by the pandemic.

"Just as tea leaves go through many stages of preparation to accentuate the best characteristics, we invest in the character development of our people," read the post.

Even its logo has a deeper meaning, AtTea said, explaining that the '@' symbol represents how our lives become intertwined because of social media.

Another Instagram post reveals a very high-tech and futuristic training lab where employees will be taught all the tricks of their trade.

The new store in Singapore is slated to be open by the end of April and for now, the location remains a secret.

AtTea is running a contest where participants who manage to guess the store's location will stand a chance to win a whole month's supply of their speciality tea.

So, if you're a bubble tea fanatic who drinks boba daily, you'd better start guessing now!