Tan Kheng Hua serves quarantine for the 2nd time and shares some of her survival tips and hacks

Tan Kheng Hua serves quarantine for the 2nd time and shares some of her survival tips and hacks
PHOTO: Instagram stories/ khenghua

It's her second time going through quarantine (thanks, Covid-19) this year, and Singaporean and Hollywood-based actress Tan Kheng Hua has some tips to share.

She posted the personal tips and hacks to her Instagram Stories on Wednesday (Singapore time), but we think they don't just apply to quarantine life.

The Crazy Rich Asians actress is currently serving quarantine in Vancouver where she's due to start filming the US drama series, Kung Fu.


This is, after all, the actress who carved out a new career in Hollywood in her 50s and puts even 20-year-olds to shame with her slim but fit physique. Her pointers are surely something that we can put to use, especially for those of us who are primarily still working from home. 

1. Have a routine

It's not just the actress, experts recommend it too, especially during these Covid-19 times. And for Kheng Hua, here's what her day usually looks like: 

  • Wake up at 7am 
  • An hour of exercise at 10am
  • Lunch at noon 
  • Work till 4pm 
  • Dinner at 6pm
  • Unwind and sleep at 10.30pm 

Sleeping early is definitely something we reckon contributes to her age-defying looks.

2. Don't deny yourself snacks but make sure they are of good nutritional value

Getting peckish while cooped up is the norm, Kheng Hua admits. 

So she has taken the advice of her gynaecologist from when she had the munchies during her pregnancy: "Go ahead and eat but make sure everything that you put in your mouth has good nutritional value". 

This has worked for her in quarantine and her list of snacks that meet this criteria are bread, bananas, granola, fruits and nuts. 

3. Cycle through the same few pieces of clothing

This admittedly works for her because clothes dry fast in Vancouver, according to the 57-year-old. And she gamely shows off the few pieces of clothing that she aims to wear through her quarantine period. 

And yes, she wears them twice before they are washed, and they dry in 24 hours due to the weather. Makes sense, we guess, since you aren't really meeting people in person, but that may not be applicable in sunny Singapore. But as a caveat, she says one should pick pieces that dry fast, and adds that she applies this rule to her undergarments too. 

Also, we guess that those serving quarantine in Singapore have it better as usually the hotel provides a laundering service for those stuck in hotel. 

4. Place your washed clothing between two dry towels and step on it so it'll dry faster

This tip she says comes from her mum, as she would hand wash clothes while staying in a hotel room. 

"She takes the item that she hand washes and puts it between two dry towels and then she steps on it." 

The towels absorb the excess moisture and your clothes should dry faster, says Kheng Hua.

5. Slap on a face mask every night before sleep

While it's advice we should follow, this one is applicable whether you are in quarantine or not for better skin. 

6. Skipping is the best and most effective indoor exercise, and it's cheap to boot

Kheng Hua proudly brandishes her neon orange (we think) skipping rope when she tells her followers what the most effective form of indoor exercise is in her opinion. "Cheap and good," she exclaims.

She also shares on Instagram how she is making her hotel in Vancouver a tad more homely with Singapore-designed mugs, her favourite plates and bowls, and her kopi powder. 

Looks like you can take a girl out of Singapore, but you can't take the Singaporean out of her, as Kheng Hua clearly demonstrates. 


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