Tattoo guest work: International artists to look out for in Singapore this November and December

PHOTO: Instagram/goldie.tatt

Find yourself scrolling through feeds of international tattoo artists and kicking yourself for not being able to hop on a plane ASAP?

Well, now, they're coming to you! With droves of artists from overseas coming in to our sunny island during November and December, this is your chance to get a taste of the talent without a ticket.


If you're into ornamental designs, you won't want to miss Seoul-based @rai.tattoer's residency.

With geometric flowers, strips of ornate swirls, and larger embellishments that expand outwards to frame the design beautifully. A selection of flash designs made for chest pieces, lower back placements, and arms are available to be adorned!

@rai.tattooer will be in Singapore from Nov 4 to 15, 2022. More information and bookings available on their page.


If you've been meaning to get something from your favourite anime etched on your skin, there's no better artist to do it than @goldie.tatt.

Another Korean artist, their feed is full of stunningly detailed anime tattoos ranging from Studio Ghibli's magical movies, to the striking and dramatic poses from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

They've got other designs too, so be sure to check them out!

@goldie.tatt will be in Singapore for November and December 2022. More information and bookings available on their page.


Arriving from Sydney, @alexandracornish is bringing their treasure trove of traditional irezumi-style tattoos to our little island.

Detailed and skillfully tattooed, the love for ukiyo-e and shunga art comes through in every design of oni masks, tattooed animals, mythical creatures, and erotic shunga.

@alexandracornish will be in Singapore from Dec 1 to 4, 2022, at the Culture Cartel convention. More information available on their page.


Tattoos have the reputation of being dark and alternative, but they certainly don't have to be, and @millden_tt's pieces are proof of that.

Cartoonish and colourful, their tattoos are often a bright eye-catcher in the middle of heavier pieces, and adds a spot of whimsy to every sleeve.

If you're itching for a tattoo, but don't want a big piece or anything common, here's your chance.

@millden_tt will be in Singapore till Nov 16, 2022. More information and bookings available on their page.


Black and white isn't the only palette for tattoos, and @kettle_tats seem to honour that greatly.

With bright, saturated lines, their tattoos features cutesy and pretty iterations of the snakes, dragons, and plants that are so prominent in the tattoo community.

If you enjoy something more simple and whimsical, be sure to get your booking in!

@kettle_tats will be in Singapore from November to December 2022. More information and bookings on their page.


Hailing from the Korean city of Ilsan, @siru_tattooer's work features traditional Asian art with a modern flair and incredible detail.

Think foxes and Asian deities, with swirling flowers and gorgeous gradients. In their flash currently are designs of a beetle with an ornamental wing pattern, a mystical sphinx, and a girl in a traditional hanbok, all of which you can get during their stint from November to December!

@siru_tattooer will be in Singapore from November to December. More information on their page.


Stopping by between their base city in Daegu and their guest spot in Australia, @gumatatt is bringing their graphic and nostalgia-evoking designs during their stay.

Everything from Garfield tattoos, characters from the childhood classic Bambi (1942), and timeless Old School designs are on the table here.

@gumatatt will be in Singapore from Dec 22 to 28, 2022. More information and bookings available online.


Another artist with the signature delicate Korean style, @judy_tattooist will be in Singapore poking from November to December!

While most of their designs consist of thinner lines and small pieces of flowers, constellations and the like, they're experienced and skilled with bigger and more detailed styles, so set a time for a flash tattoo or a custom with whichever you prefer!

@judy_tattooist will be in Singapore from November to December 2022. More information and booking available on their page.

Floral tattoos are a classic, but those from Korean artists carry a delicate flair that's incredibly distinct.

Coming from the Bundang-gu district of Seongnam,'s body of work boasts flowy designs of flowers, butterflies, and dragons, inked with light lines and gradients that excude elegance. will be in Singapore from Nov 23 to Dec 7, 2022. More information and bookings available on their page.


Looking for a patchwork sleeve, or just a filler on the one you already have?

Korean artist @elsietattoo's designs are just what you need, with small yet detailed designs skillfully tattooed adorned on all her clients.

On their flash list right now includes simple botanical designs, adorable teddy bears, and abstract ornamental pieces.

@elsietattoo will be in Singapore from November to December. More information and booking available on their page.

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This article was first published in City Nomads.