Team Singapore hotties you should keep an eye out for during the Tokyo Olympic Games

PHOTO: Instagram/lohkeanyew, Instagram/quahzhengwen

After a historic decision to postpone the Tokyo Olympics due to Covid-19, the Summer Games are finally happening and will take place from July 23 to Aug 8. 

Apart from being undeniably talented on the playing field, some of our Team Singapore athletes are scoring points in the looks department too and it's definitely another reason for you to tune in. Here are some of our personal eye candies. 

1. Loh Kean Yew (Badminton) 

The 24-year-old gives us K-pop star vibes with his boyish looks and well-styled hair. 

But looks aren't just his strong suit — the lad is currently Singapore's top men's badminton player and also has won multiple Southeast Asian (SEA) Games medals throughout the years.

While he isn't a model, some of his Instagram pictures definitely show some raw talent there — maybe it can be an alternative career choice if he gets tired of hitting shuttlecocks. 

2. Quah Zheng Wen (Swimming) 

It's hard to avert your eyes from Quah Zheng Wen's rock-hard abs — unsurprising, thanks to the amount of training he gets — but the man is more than just his abdominal muscles. 

The seasoned athlete, 24, has already competed at two Olympic Games —  2012 in London and 2016 in Rio.

Apart from his looks and his athletic prowess, the all-rounded young man even managed to snag himself a spot in Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine at the National University of Singapore. However, he ultimately chose to study and train at the University of California, Berkeley. He's definitely someone you can bring home to meet your parents!

3. Quah Ting Wen (Swimming)

Apparently, good genes run in the family and Zheng Wen's sister, Quah Ting Wen, also happens to be a Team Singapore swimmer.

The Tokyo Olympics will be the 28-year-old's third Olympic Games. Besides that, she has clinched multiple medals at international competitions, including four golds, one silver and one bronze at the 2017 SEA Games. 

Besides her stunning track record, we can't get over how unbelievably fit she is — she truly is body goals! 

4. Shanti Pereira (Athletics)

The beautiful 24-year-old is dubbed Singapore's sprint queen for a good reason. 

She currently holds the national record for both the women's 100m and 200m sprint events and is a SEA Games gold medallist. And she does it all with style — it isn't surprising that big names such as Adidas have chosen to collab with her. 

5. Amanda Ng (Sailing) 

Bright-eyed Amanda Ng comes from a family of sailing enthusiasts and she picked up the sport at the tender age of seven. 

This isn't her first Olympic Games — she competed at Rio 2016, in which she placed 20th for the women's 470 event. 

Apart from her good looks and talent, the tenacious 27-year-old sailor has a fantastic attitude too. She bravely sailed through the Mussanah Open Championship — which served as the Asian qualifiers for the Olympics — with a severe leg injury

6. Jonathan Chan (Diving)  

The 24-year-old is usually seen with a bright grin plastered across his face. 

He had started off doing gymnastics at the age of five but switched to diving after, which explains those defined washboard abs. 

Just like the Quah siblings, it seems like good genes run in the family because he also happens to be ex-national diver Kimberly Chan's brother.

7. Joseph Schooling (Swimming)

Ah, Joseph Schooling. We couldn't leave him out of this list, could we? 

This young man is Singapore's only Olympic gold medallist, and he takes inspiration from his grand-uncle, Llyod Valberg, who also happened to be Singapore's first Olympian. 

Apart from being a legend in the pool, the hunky 26-year-old sports a body that matches his athletic prowess.

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