Tesla to charge a monthly subscription for navigation

Tesla to charge a monthly subscription for navigation
Newly ordered Tesla vehicles globally will no longer come with lifetime access to the Standard Connectivity package after July 20, 2022.
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AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA - Satellite navigation will now be a paid-for service in newly-ordered Tesla EVs. Globally, the American EV brand's cars will no longer come with lifetime access to the Standard Connectivity package after July 20, 2022.

Currently, Tesla offers two connectivity packages with its vehicles: Standard and Premium.

Tesla claims that the features are "an important part of all Tesla vehicles, further enhancing the driving experience by providing access to features that require data usage, media, live traffic visualisation, and more."

The Standard Connectivity only includes Navigation and lacks many of the more luxurious features that the Premium Connectivity option, which costs USD$9.99 (S$13.88) per month or USD$99 (S$137) per year, includes.

Tesla Singapore has yet to confirm if Singapore will be eligible for the Premium Connectivity subscription, but we've reached out to Tesla Singapore for confirmation as well as the cost of the Premium service package in Singapore.

Connectivity packages Standard Premium
Live traffic Visualisation
Satellite-View Maps
Video streaming*⁺
Music streaming*⁺
Internet browser*

* Currently available over Wi-Fi for Standard Connectivity

*⁺ A paid subscription to streaming services is required to access music and media streaming.

Tesla did not mention whether basic functions such as Bluetooth and FM radio will be removed once the free Standard Connectivity subscription ends.

However, Tesla's website did mention that "access to some connectivity features, including those that use cellular data or third-party licenses, may be changed or removed. These Standard Connectivity features that may change currently include maps, navigation, voice commands and more."


As Teslas do not come with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, it seems like it is a must-have to purchase either of its connectivity packages.

Tesla has not confirmed how much Standard Connectivity will cost now that the eight-year included subscription expired.

The Standard Connectivity subscription also applies to used vehicles purchased (or transferred ownership) after July 20, 2022.

New Tesla cars ordered before July 20, 2022 will carry a lifetime subscription to Standard Connectivity - even if they are not delivered until well into 2023.

While Tesla is not the first in the automotive industry to charge a monthly subscription for in-car services., BMW has recently introduced a monthly charge for heated seats. In the UK, BMW has priced heated seats at £15 (S$25) a month, £150 (S$251) a year, £250 (S$418) for three years, or £350 (S$586) "unlimited."

This article was first published in CarBuyer.

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