These 5 dreamy floating hotels we keep seeing all over Instagram are officially on our wish list now

PHOTO: Facebook/4.rivers.tatai

At an age where everything revolves around trends and the almighty gram, what is left for us to do when cabins perched high upon the trees or frozen igloos located at polar deserts simply don't cut it anymore?

We need only to be a bit imaginative and find ourselves a paradise of our own where the soothing sound of the gentle waves accompanies us well into the night. Being the modern castaways that we are, let us moor our boats onto these captivating floating hotels.

The following are our top five picks of the most exquisite and relaxing (not to mention highly Instagrammable) floating hotels the world has to offer.


Embraced by both a tranquil jungle and a historic river, the River Kwai Jungle Rafts Resort is a floating establishment offering a peaceful hideaway experience perfect for nature lovers.

The entirety of the resort is devoid of electricity and uses traditional oil lamps as a means to illuminate the humid, tropical nights; effectively taking the eco-friendly, nature hideaway concept a step further.

The rooms themselves exhibit an enchanting design based on the cultures of the Mon people, a tribe indigenous to Thailand and Burma.

Guests to the establishment may also observe and directly engage with some of the cultural practices of the indigenous people.


Tucked away within the forest of the Botum Sakor nature reserve, the 4 Rivers Floating Lodge patiently awaits weary travellers on the banks of the Tatai river at the very edge of the Cardamom mountain range.

In a rather stark contrast to that of the river Kwai's, this Cambodian establishment adopts a more modern approach to the floating ecolodge concept with their exceptional tent-shaped villas bearing a strong connection to its lush and tranquil surroundings.

The interiors of the tents are just shy of luxurious but certainly provides all of the amenities and facilities you'd expect to find in any conventional hotel; which is to say the availability of electricity and other modern conveniences. Though the 4 Rivers lacks a swimming pool, the awaiting river proves more than an adequate substitute.

Guests can also partake in the 4 Rivers' many outdoor activities, such as mangrove kayaking, jungle treks, sunset boat rides and more.


Much like an enduring mirage, the radiant Taj Lake Palace has been permanently adrift on the calm waters of Lake Pichola since the year 1740.

To get to the floating palace, guests must be ferried over by way of private boats provided by the hotel. Upon arrival, guests are welcomed by a shower of rose petals signifying the start of their eastern splendor experience.

The hotel adopts intricately detailed interiors and furnishings with an authentic ambiance befitting the Indian Maharajas. All of the hotel rooms and suites also boast gracious windows granting access to unobstructed views of the nearby City Palace and the Machla Magra Hills.

After the sun has set, guests may avail themselves and their companions to a candlelit dinner on the hotel's flower-decorated terrace. The captivating views of the illuminated City Palace along with the serenading melodies truly make for a magical evening.


Imagine waking up to the Caribbean birdsongs as the gentle sunrise warmly caresses your face. That's precisely what lies in store for guests of the Punta Caracol Acqua Lodge as they greet the morning from their relaxing floating refuge.

Some have described Punta Caracol as no less than a paradise, with its crystal clear waters abundant with endemic marine wildlife; mangroves perfectly suited for kayaking, and even lazy hammocks perfectly designed as a means to observe unforgettable sunsets from the comfort of their own personal hut.

In an effort to maintain a clean and pristine environment, the Acqua Lodge offers only nine cabins in total and is supported by a state of the art solar energy and bio-recycling system which enables the establishment to purify wastewater produced.


The final entry on our list of remarkable floating hotel destinations is definitely a doozy: the Anantara Kihavah Villas of the Maldives, an opulent floating escapade which is the very embodiment of luxury, style and class.

The resort's extensive overwater spa and residences consists of 80 luxurious low rise pool villas, offering breathtaking views of the Indian open ocean along with the occasional dots of uninhabited islets.

Should you fancy a dive with the graceful manta rays or the whimsical dolphins, you can do so by just taking a few steps away from your villa.

The resort also provides an unforgettable underwater fine dining experience with its world-famous SEA Underwater Restaurant. Where else can you enjoy gourmet meal with a truly otherworldly view before you?

With all the topnotch facilities the resort has to offer, it's only natural that many regards the resort as one of the world's most Instagrammable floating hotels. The Anantara Kihavah Villas is the perfect mix of exceptional design and the unparalleled beauty of an untouched island-paradise

This article was first published in Wego.