These 6 SUVs have one-of-a-kind designs

PHOTO: Torque

SUVs have dominated the car market. Ask your friends what their next car will be and most of them will probably say it’s an SUV. Many will cite the higher driving position and improved practicality over a sedan as reasons for preferring one.

Most SUV models, such as those from the Audi and Volvo, look similar to their siblings. This gives them a strong brand identity – but what if you’re someone who wants to stand out?

Can you have an SUV that reflects your individuality in a sea of similarity? To help you with your options, we’ve compiled a list of six SUVs with designs so unique that they don’t resemble any other model in their family.


PHOTO: Torque

What makes it unique: The marque’s tech and EV flagship has a robot-like face and huge kidney grilles that can ‘self-heal’ minor scratches. The futuristic cockpit debuted the Curved Display, Operating System 8, and a hexagonal steering wheel.

Consider one if: You’re someone who also wants the most advanced tech in an SUV.

Power/torque: 322 bhp/630 Nm
0-100km/h: 6.1 sec
Current price: On application

Citroen C4

PHOTO: Torque

What makes it unique: Probably the one here with the a truly offbeat design, featuring ‘dimples’ on its bonnet, sculpted fenders and chunky plastic trimming.

Consider one if: Comfort is your main priority. The C4 has well-padded Advanced Comfort Seats for the front occupants, while the Progressive Hydraulic Cushions even out bumps to deliver a pliant ride.

Power/torque: 129 bhp/230 Nm
0-100km/h: 10.4 sec
Current price: From $124,999

DS 7 Crossback

PHOTO: Torque

What makes it unique: The sole model from DS Automobiles (Citroen’s premium division) in Singapore, the DS 7 Crossback has cool elements that include LED lights that twirl when the car is started, and an interior with ‘Pearl Stitching’, a B.R.M time piece and toggle switches for the windows and door locks.

Consider one if: You want an avant-garde SUV whose design features have a story behind them.

Power/torque: 222 bhp/300 Nm
0-100km/h: 8.9 sec
Current price: From $188,999

Honda HR-V

PHOTO: Torque

What makes it unique: This Honda is the only one with a grille seamlessly integrated with the front bumper. The rear end is equally distinct, with super-slim taillights ‘linked’ by a light strip.

Consider one if: You prefer the sleeker and more hatchback-like HR-V of today to the previous one. Its ULTRA seats have squabs that flip up, enabling you to stow tall items.

Power/torque: 117 bhp/142 Nm (1.5), 129 bhp/253 Nm (e:HEV)
0-100km/h: 12.1 sec (1.5), 10.7 sec (e:HEV)
Current price: From $133,999 (1.5 DX), from $169,999 (e:HEV)

Hyundai Tucson

PHOTO: Torque

What makes it unique: The latest Hyundai models are designed using parametric dynamics. But the Tucson is the first to have ‘hidden’ lights integrated with the grille that only reveal themselves when the car is started.

The half-triangle tail lamps are also unique in the range, just like the rear wiper, which in another Hyundai first, is neatly tucked under the roof spoiler.

Consider one if: You want futuristic looks combined with a practical and user-friendly interior.

Power/torque: 227 bhp/265 Nm (Turbo Hybrid), 177 bhp/265 Nm (Turbo)
0-100km/h: 8 sec
Current price: From $184,999 (Turbo), from $192,999 (Turbo Hybrid)

Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid

PHOTO: Torque

What makes it unique: Toyota only makes normal-looking cars, right? Well, not anymore. And certainly not when one of the most popular cars on Singapore roads has a (gasp) insect-like design. Say what you like about the Yaris Cross’ looks, but Toyota has been bold with its styling, and that is a move to be applauded.

Consider one if: You want something compact and really frugal, especially with rising petrol prices. Toyota claims it can average 26.3km/L.

Power/torque: 110 bhp/120 Nm
0-100km/h: 11.4 seconds
Current price: From $132,889 (based on current Cat A COE price of $68,001).

This article was first published in Torque. Permission required for reproduction.